Dunkin's New Donut Hole Lip Balms Are Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dunkin' may have recently re-branded as just "Dunkin'" but that doesn't mean that they are without the donuts. In fact, the coffee shop chain has recently released donut-themed lip balms and DD-lovers across the internet can not contain their excitement. The Donut Hole Lip Balms are shaped like everyone's favorite mini donuts, come in packs of two; one white balm and one orange and pink balm, and are packaged in mini boxes just like the little pastries.

According to the brand, the yummy little lip balms cost $5.99 and are being sold at "participating Dunkin's nationwide while supplies last." So if you're someone that runs on Dunkin' then it's up to you to check out your nearest Dunkin' locations (and fast) to track these little lippies down before they sell out.

If you've ever had one of Dunkin's famous mini donuts, that they've affectionately dubbed as "munchkins," then you know that they come in flavors like glazed, glazed chocolate, jelly, powdered sugar, and more. So if you're wondering what you can expect for the lip balms to smell and taste like once you lather them on your lips, the brand confirmed in an e-mail to Elite Daily that both balms are vanilla-flavored and scented.

Courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts

By the looks of it, Dunkin's new lippies are designed as spheres with a cap that screws off to reveal a platform of lip balm that can be easily applied to the lips, (think Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balms). So whenever you're in the mood for a sweet treat you can simply glide one of these babies across your lip and it's almost as good as popping one of those donut holes in your mouth.

Dunkin's Munchkins lip balms aren't the retailer's first venture into the beauty world. In fact, with a quick search of "#dunkinlipbalm" on Instagram, you can see that back in the fall of 2017 the brand also sold pumpkin spice flavored lip balms that came in containers that look just like Dunkin's hot coffee cups. And of course, Dunkin' customers were obviously obsessed with the PSL-themed lippies.

Then, back in September 2018, the fast food retailer teamed up with haircare brand Dove to bring the Dunkin' Donuts x Dove pop-up shop to New York City to prove that coffee and dry shampoo are seriously the ultimate combination. Because what better way to get through the week than by dousing your strands in dry shampoo and sipping on your favorite coffee drink.

What's more is that if you don't have a Dunkin' in your neighborhood, or you do and they don't have the lip balms in stock, then you can still shop the balms on eBay where they're currently going for about $15.

So whether you're a huge donut-lover who wants to constantly have the taste of the sweet mini treats on your lips, or you simply love adding new lip balms to your collection, then I'd suggest finding these limited edition donut hole lip balms ASAP before they're no longer available.