Here's Where You Can Get A MacCoin That'll Get You Free A Free Burger

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I'm not great at saving money, but there's a new currency in town that I'm willing to stash away. It's called the MacCoin, and it's worth setting aside in your change purse. The new coin — which was officially released on Thursday, Aug. 2 — doesn't have cash value, though. Instead, it's redeemable for one Big Mac, which means free lunch is in your future. Seeing that Big Macs are only available at McDonald's, you've probably already figured out where you can get a McDonald's MacCoin. If so, you are correct: MacCoins are only available at McDonalds, so head to the Golden Arches ASAP.

I'm not going to lie: I'm getting total Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory vibes right now. But instead of hoping for a Golden Ticket, I'm hoping for a "golden" MacCoin. Luckily, MacCoins aren't as hard to get as Golden Tickets are (you know, if they actually existed). In order to get a free MacCoin, customers must head to McDonald's and order a Big Mac at lunchtime. The craze begins on Aug. 2, and will continue while supplies last. Thankfully, 14,000 McDonald's locations in more than 50 countries are participating in the giveaway, so acquiring one shouldn't be too hard. Plus, more than 6.2 million MacCoins will be given away... and that's a lot of coins.

Start collecting them, y'all. Free Big Macs are waiting for you.

Sure, McDonald's is the only "official" place you can get a MacCoin from — but that doesn't mean you can't trade them with your friends. Heck, I'd totally give someone my fries for a shiny MacCoin, wouldn't you?

Once you have a MacCoin (or two), you can head to McDonald's on Aug. 3 and trade your coin for a Big Mac. There's no rush on the trade, though. According to a McDonald's press release, you can use your MacCoin to redeem a free Big Mac throughout 2018. This gives you plenty of time to decide when you're going to indulge in a free burger for lunch.

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Why is McDonald's being so generous, anyway? Believe it or not, the company is celebrating the Big Mac's 50th anniversary. Instead of accepting birthday gifts from its customers, the fast-food haven is giving away free Big Macs to commemorate the burger's "big" day. Isn't that sweet (er, I mean, salty)?

Since the Big Mac has been around for five decades, McDonald's decided to honor each era on the back of its McCoins. The front of each coin celebrates the burger's 50th anniversary, while the back includes iconic symbols from the '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, or '10s (depending on which MacCoin you get).

For example, the coins celebrating the '70s have groovy flowers on them, while MacCoins honoring the '80s feature pop art. MacCoins of the '90s include "bold, abstract" shapes, while those representing the '00s nod to technological advances made throughout the decade. And last (but not least), the MacCoin of the '10s highlights the "evolution of communication" that the world is currently going through.

Pretty cool, right? I think I like these better than real coins.

Now that you know what MacCoins do (and how they're decorated), head to your local McDonald's and get one. Make sure you order a Big Mac, though, or else you won't be granted a golden MacCoin.