8 Accurate Thoughts Every Beach-Obsessed Person Has Leading Up To Their Vacay

Some people were simply mermaid to be one with the ocean. You sea, when you're obsessed with the beach, there's really no place you'd rather be. You plan all of your vacations around the surf and sand, and make sure your beach bag is packed with the best essentials. Anything tropical is on your travel bucket list, and you are constantly counting down to your next day spent splashing in the waves. With your summer plans on the horizon, you have plenty of beachy thoughts racing through your head.

It's no wonder why you love the beach so much. You could be taking a nap in the sand, reading a good book in a hammock, or swimming in the cool water. There's so much fun to be had that just one beach day is not enough for you. You could honestly spend an entire week in a tropical paradise, and still not get enough of the sun, surf, and sand.

Until that next beach getaway comes, you find yourself thinking these eight thoughts. The countdown is unbearable, but you know that as soon as you hit the water, all of your worries will wash away. That's what's so great about the beach, and you'll be sea-ing it so soon.

"How many swimsuits should I bring?"

You love the beach so much that you're constantly looking for new swimsuits to add to your collection. Right now, you have way too many to pack, but you can't leave any of them at home. I guess you'll just be doing plenty of outfit changes so that every bikini, monokini, and one-piece makes an appearance in pics.

"I need more sunscreen."

You can never have too much sunscreen to keep your skin protected from those rays. Since you're a pro at going to the beach, you know exactly when you should reapply, in addition to what sunscreen brands are your favorites. A beach vacay to you means a trip to Target to get all the essentials for your bag, like extra sunscreen, chapstick, and aloe vera.

"Only one more week till sunshine and paradise."
Luis Velasco/Stocksy

You're always daydreaming of beach days, so having an upcoming vacay means you definitely have a countdown going strong. You're checking off the days in your calendar, and might even do Instagram stories every day to let your friends know how much time you have left. The closer you get, the more excited you are.

"Can I fit my inflatable in my suitcase?"

You definitely have an oversized inflatable or two. The only problem is trying to fit your giant flamingo or ice cream cone into your suitcase. You need to squeeze it in somewhere, because you already have plans to take several photos with it.

"Let me check the weather again."

As you get closer to the date, you're constantly checking the weather forecast. You're praying for clear skies and warm weather. Here's to hoping everything looks on the sunny side.

"I want to be part of your world."
Jayme Burrows/Stocksy

The mermaid vibes are real, but you really believe you were meant for the sea. Basically, you channel Ariel any chance you get, and you have "Part of Your World" stuck in your head leading up to your vacay. You might even have it added to your beach vacay playlist.

"Oh no, my beach bag is full."

You're so excited, that you already packed your beach bag. The only problem is, you are too excited that you overpacked. Your bag is overflowing with everything — from sunscreen, to sunglasses, to summer reading material. You just might need to get a bigger bag.

"I really need to go shopping for beach snacks."

You know that a beach day isn't complete without the right snacks. As you prep to go on vacay, a trip to the grocery store is necessary. You know exactly what kid of snacks to grab as well, so you're equipped with the best of the best in your cooler.