Here's How To Get The Hottie On The Beach To Come Talk To You

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In theory, the beach might be the perfect place to meet someone. It’s sunny and fabulous, everyone is looking super hot in their swimsuits, and there’s plenty of time for chill conversation. But in reality, getting noticed at the beach is nerve-racking and difficult AF. How do you approach someone while you’re both basically naked? What if you have sand in your hair, or your new one-piece is giving you a wedgie? What if your sunscreen is making your skin look greasy? Though it may look glamorous on Instagram, the beach is actually full of messy, sweaty situations (and sandy hair for days).

So, is it possible to make a move on that cutie you spotted lounging a few feet away? Anything can happen if you approach the situation with confidence. And lucky for you (and for me!), I’ve brought in a pro to share her wisdom on how to make magic happen. Dr. Darcy Sterling, licensed clinical social worker and relationship expert, tells Elite Daily that the beach can be an intimidating place to meet someone, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. “The beach can also provide unanticipated opportunities because, among other things, dodging waves provides a nice distraction,” she says. Try these tips to get noticed by that hottie you can’t stop staring at across the sand.

Get off your towel.

Sure, your towel is the comfiest place to relax with a book and work on your tan. But if you want to get noticed, try getting up and walking around. “Even though [your towel is] situated on a beach, approaching it feels like knocking on the front door to someone’s home — meaning, people are less likely to approach you on it,” Sterling says. Go for a walk, take a dip in the waves, or head to the food stalls for a snack. Your movement might catch your crush’s eye.

Take out your headphones.

“They’re the universal Do Not Disturb signal,” Sterling explains. You’ll look more approachable if you’re hanging out free from distractions. Sterling also suggests putting your phone (or your book) down and looking around. If you can make eye contact with your crush, that’s a great step toward striking up a conversation.

Avoid physical compliments.

I know, I know — it might seem obvious to admire someone’s bod when they’re wearing almost nothing. But you risk making them feel super uncomfortable if you bring it up. “Avoid physical compliments because of the basically naked part of being at the beach,” Sterling suggests. “Other things to avoid: Asking for assistance applying sunscreen [or] faking a drowning incident.” Don’t try so hard to get noticed that you end up making your crush upset, or worse, causing a major scene.

Head into the water right after them.
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See your crush making moves toward the water? Take advantage of the moment to hang out in the waves yourself. “Go in alone or with just one friend so you look approachable,” Sterling advises. “Position yourself a few feet away from your crush, smile, and hold eye contact for three to five seconds.” If they’re into you, this is the perfect moment for them to approach.

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still struggling to get noticed, commit to making the first move on your own. Approaching someone is scary because the fear of rejection is real — but it also shows your crush that you’re sure of yourself. “You look fierce and confident — the latter being a universal turn on,” Sterling explains. And though you can never be sure whether your crush will reciprocate your feelings, you’ll walk away proud that you put yourself out there. And who knows? You might end up sparking a new summer fling.

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