7 Things You Should Really Avoid When You Aren't A Morning Person

The whole "don't talk to me before I've had my morning coffee" seems like a fun joke, but to those of us who aren't morning people, the harsh reality is all too real. The fact is, the a.m. and you just do not go together. As a result, you don't like to function before noon, and it's something you've just had to deal with. For instance, when you're not a morning person, you have certain things you must avoid in order to handle the day properly. And for those of you who are morning people, you must accept that non-morning people will not be all sunshine, smiles, and rainbows until that wonderful p.m. rolls around.

Don't get me wrong, I've definitely tried being the kind of person who wakes up early to the first alarm that goes off, goes to the gym before work, and is able to order from the breakfast menu at my favorite place, but I always end up failing. Instead of trying to change who I am, I've just accepted that the morning is not where I'm meant to be, and instead, I've worked hard to avoid these seven things. As a fellow non-morning person, I'm sure you can agree, and if you're reading this before you've had your morning coffee, there's no need to respond. A head nod will do.

Anyone Who Loves To Talk

It's not that you don't like talking. You may actually enjoy having a good gab fest, but only when it takes place much later in the day. When the sunrise is still fresh in your memory, it is not the time for your bestie to go on and on about what she did this weekend.

Not only is the person who likes to talk, loud, but draining. You don't realize how much effort you have to put into looking like you're interested in a conversation, when really all you want to do is go back to bed.

Going To The Gym Before Work

Sure, it will probably wake you up if you were able to go to the gym before work and run on the treadmill a little, but the effort to get out of bed is enough of a workout for you. When choosing a gym, you purposefully chose the one that is open late. You prefer a late night workout, rather than ever having to do an early morning routine.

Scheduling The First Appointment Of The Day

It's true that the first appointment of the day is usually the best, because you don't have to wait as long from all the previous appointments getting backed up. However, you have to outweigh the good with the bad. Wake up early and get in and out, or sleep in a little and have to sit a little longer. You can always bring a good book to read that kills the time, but you can never get back those hours of sleep you missed out on.

Anyone Who Is Overly Perky

Perky friends are fun to have around to get you pumped up for going out dancing on a Friday night, or seeing a football game in the afternoon. You notice how both of these events take place later in the day? Perky is fine, but perky and the morning is a horrible combination for you to deal with.

Needing To Be The First Person In Line

I'm all for cool new trends, like when everyone wanted to get a cronut or the *NSYNC 'Dirty Pop-Up' shop in Hollywood, but when it requires me to wake up early and get in line, my interest slowly fades. Sometimes, you just have to wait until a fad starts to fade. I was able to eventually get a cronut to eat. Sure, it may have been after everyone else had one, but it tasted just the same.

Interacting With The Sun In Any Way

The sun is wonderful and I love it, but when it wakes me up in the morning, it's not my friend. It is basically like that one roommate who just doesn't understand that people can be on different schedules. The sun is always obnoxiously trying to wake you up with its brightness, and I'm not having it. Blackout curtains are your new friend until the sun learns to compromise.

Making Any Kind Of Decision, Big Or Small

There's a reason you have a go-to breakfast in the morning. Having to make any kind of decision before a certain hour is just a struggle. "How would you like your eggs cooked," might as well be the equivalent of, "What's the meaning of life?" It's best to avoid anything that requires a lot of brain power.