4 Mantras To Keep In Mind When You're Fighting For Your Relationship, Because You're Strong AF

If your relationship has been rocky, things can feel all sorts of off-kilter. There's nothing like relationship trouble to give you that gut-full-of-gravel feeling of anxiety, stress, and a teensy bit of hope. If you're currently in a place where you feel like fighting for your relationship is an uphill battle, there's a lot to be said about your strength and bravery. It's a big deal to be the person to buckle down and work really hard when the going gets tough. If you and your partner are both willing to get to the bottom of the friction between you, that's wonderful. The fact that you want to fight your relationship shows how much they mean to you.

So, what about the in-between time? The days at work when you aren't paying enough attention because you're nervous about "The Talk" you and bae have planned later. Maybe you and your partner aren't on speaking terms right now because you need some space, that can make it hard to feel present when trying to have fun with friends or family.

Something that could help ease that chasm of stress in your stomach is repeating some important mantras to yourself about the current state of your partnership. The thing about finding a mantra that could help you get through tough times is that it should speak to you on a personal level. For some ideas and reassurances, check out the following mantras that hopefully can remind you of your inner strength — because you're strong AF.

"I am worthy of receiving the love that I give."
Stocksy/ Javíer Diaz

A lot of mantras that could be useful in times of relationship trouble depend on what the current source of conflict is. This mantra could help someone if they're feeling like they're not being appreciated by their partner as much as they should be.

Asking for affection and care can feel super scary, but doing so is a huge step towards owning what you believe you deserve. What's more is that you are also worthy of the care you give others — you're so, so, worthy. If a partner doesn't seem to understand that, there are others out there that definitely will.

"Sometimes listening is the best thing you can do to connect."
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If the conflict in your relationship is stemming from miscommunication, listening could be your best tool. This mantra could be most helpful for the person that thought everything was fine until their partner mentioned some things that they weren't happy about. If someone tells you that you hurt their feelings, it can be hard to hear. But there is (surprising) good news!

If someone was super hurt by you and didn't believe that you would listen to them or change, they would likely just leave or exit the situation. The fact that your partner has brought up something that hurt their feelings to you can mean that they trust you enough to take this information and alter your behavior.

"Put yourself in their shoes."
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As cliché as this sounds, it's really important. Understanding where your partner is coming from can help you have more empathy for this person you clearly care a lot about.

The thing about relationship trouble is that it can make you feel very scared, anxious, and nervous. This can distract you from seeing your partner as a whole separate person with feelings, thoughts, and experiences that count just as much as yours. When you have conversations about how you're feeling about your partnership, practice the art of seeing things from their POV.

"It's very powerful to be vulnerable and to ask for what you need."
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If you're unhappy in a relationship for a few reasons but aren't ready to end things, being upfront about what you want can be super important. For instance, if you want your partner to compliment you more, asking them to do so can be a huge step.

If they continue to fall short on doing what you asked of them, you have direct proof that this person isn't necessarily giving you what you need from a partner. By asking for what you need, you are showing that you believe you're worthy of what you're asking for. Sometimes partners may not even know that you need something in the first place, so this could be a great opportunity to open the lines of communication.

It's incredible that you're fighting for your partnership, even when things seem difficult. Relationships aren't always easy — they take serious work. This could very well be just another part of the path that the two of you are walking down together. And whether that path converges or goes its separate ways, your destination is bound to be incredible.