When You're A Morning Person, These 5 Things Truly Speak To You

by Tessa Harvey

Morning people of the world: I really do commend you. You are truly the brave among us. You've never really tried to be good at mornings, but it just comes so naturally to you. There's something about the warm sunshine peaking through the window, the peacefulness, and the promise of a new day ahead that just makes you so, so happy. Rising and shining is your forte. All of my morning people out there, you know the little morning secrets that'll start your day off on a great note. Truth be told, when you're a morning person, there are just some things you really relate to.

You wake up like the Energizer Bunny with a warm mug of coffee in hand, ready to totally slay your morning routine like the boss you are. If you look hard enough, you just might even be glowing — and I'm not talking about your highlighter. You're that level of Disney princess, in my opinion. It's a serious blessing to wake up with such a positive mindset, even if the rest of the world can't seem to get along with their alarm clocks, literally, ever.

This one's for you, morning people of the world. In celebration of all you can accomplish before the rest of the world is even awake, here are five things you all probably have in common.

You Wake Up Before Your Alarm Even Goes Off

When others do this, the only natural thing to do is roll back over and make the most of the last few minutes of sweet, sweet sleep that they can. But for all of the morning people out there, this is your cue to hop out of bed and begin your day. You know when you wake up before your alarm it means that you had a restful sleep. Good morning, sunshine! You're ready to take on the day.

Daylight Savings Time Is NBD For You

While everyone's dwelling on the woes of springing forward and wondering why, oh why, must we lose an hour of sleep when daylight savings time rolls around, you're moving on with your life. Who needs three to four cups of coffee to adjust when you're a morning person? Not you. At this point, you've given up trying to understand why it's a big deal and just let your night owl friends complain when they feel like it. You've got this adult thing down to a science, honestly.

You Really Like Getting A Head Start On Your Day

You probably like mornings because it's the perfect time to get things done, right? If you're truly a morning person, you love to use the extra time at the start of the day for you to clear your head and get yourself on track for the rest of the day. This may mean checking your email, drinking a warm cup of tea and meditating, reading a good book, or taking your pup for a walk around the neighborhood.

You're Pretty Exhausted By 8 PM

If there's one thing that makes you a morning person, it's your consistent bedtime schedule. You know the reason why mornings are so easy for you is because you always try to get a full night's rest — but that also means nighttime is just not for you. I mean, you get the appeal of marathoning a new show until three in the morning, but seriously, how do these people do it?! Your body is begging you to sleep by the early evening, and you're all for it.

No Late Night On The Town Can Make You Sleep In

When you do have a late night out with friends, your body's internal clock is so in-tune to your normal schedule that sleeping in is just not your jam. It sounds nice in theory, sure. But the morning is when you get stuff done! It's your chance to catch up on everything you didn't do last night. If you don't wake up early... how will it all even get done? The horror.