How Your 20s Is So Different When Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

Your 20s can seem like an endless storm of responsibilities and learning curves. If your mom is your main chick in your circle of friends, though, she acts as the calm during and after those mini storms that come with adulting. When your mom is your best friend in your 20s, she changes how you perceive this monumental decade of your life. She has been there, done that, and is ready to give you all of the essential pointers.

You learn what qualities make up an amazing friend, because of the loyalty and devotion your mama bear shows you on the regular. She has literally been there since day one, and she knows you better than anyone else in this world. If those aren't spot-on traits of a genuine best friend, I don't know what are.

In your 20s, you need a best friend who you can be open with about everything. They'll let you vent, give you crucial advice, and be there when you're in need of a glass of wine and some ice cream. Sure, your mom tended to your scraped knees as a kid, but now she's aiding so much more in your adult life by taking on the role of your bestie. Here's how your 20s is so different when your mom is the yin to your yang.

You Aren't Pressed To Find "The One"

As your best friend, your mom has always encouraged you to find your own happiness and write your own fairy tales (at your own pace). Anyone's who's meant to be in your life will get there in due time, and your mama bear never fails to remind you of that.

You Learn To Value And Cherish Honesty Sooner Rather Than Later

Whether it's good, bad, or ugly, your mom has no problem telling you the truth. In your 20s, you need that honesty, because it's easy to get caught up in the mindset that you know everything because you're an adult. Finding a genuinely honest person who has your best interests at heart is not easy to come by. You cherish that you have one on speed dial, and value others who have the same quality.

You Stop And Appreciate The Little Things A Whole Lot More

Your mom can make the simplest activities so much fun. Whether it's a chat that turns into a full-on hair braiding session, or a breakfast that turns into a boozy mimosa toast, she's always keeping your world interesting. It's the little moments like these that strengthen your bond. Because of this, you stop and smell the roses more in your 20s. You realize that moments aren't solely gauged by what you're doing, but who you're doing them with.

You're Not So Critical Of Your Mistakes

Your 20s is filled with so many WTF moments. You'll mess up some things that are totally new territory to you — and that's OK. Luckily, your mom has a way of explaining how every mistake is a learning experience. In other words, she teaches you how to not be so self-critical. We make mistakes, and we grow from them.

You'd Totally Ditch Plans With Your Friends To Be With Your Mom

You know how some people ditch plans in their 20s because they want to stream Netflix and cuddle with bae on the couch? Well, you ditch plans because you want to hang out with your mom instead. She's so worth it, and you aren't afraid to explain to your friends that she's the reason you didn't want to go out. She is your bestie, after all.

The Post-Grad Life Doesn't Seem As Intimidating

For many people, the real world might seem terrifying AF once you graduate college. You may not know what to do next or where you want to live. Luckily, your best friend doubles as an awesome cheerleader, and she is helping you embrace this stepping stone.

Having your mom as your BFF in your 20s makes you one lucky gal. There really is so much you can learn from her, and you wouldn't trade your relationship for the world.