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What It's Like When Your New College Life Officially Feels Like Home

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Any new chapter in life takes, like, a second to adjust to, but once you get situated, it starts to feel like home. You may have dealt with a little homesickness at first, but when your college feels like home, you know you're where you're meant to be. At first, your dorm roomie was just a name on your dorm assignment email, but now they might be your best friend on campus. You may have gotten lost heading to class the first couple of weeks, but now you confidently stroll through the quad, saying, "hi" to all the friends you pass along the way. You've basically turned your campus into your very own home away from home.

Of course, it takes time for things to start to feel comfortable. For some people, it may take an entire semester. Then there are the lucky few who can feel at home right away during welcome week. I know I definitely had some adjusting to do, but eventually, I found my squad, made my dorm feel like a cozy oasis for in-between classes, and found some delicious food spots to become my favs. My college became my home. Your process may be different, but no matter what, you know you're all set when you have these 10 things of your own.

You've Found Your Go-To Coffee Spot

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I cannot stress enough how important coffee is for college students (if they're into it, of course). You might want that caffeine to get through the early morning lectures and late-night studying in the library. You've tried out every café on campus, and found your fave spot that has the most delicious lattes and friendly baristas who know your name.

Your Dorm Room Finally Feels Cozy And Perfect

At first, your dorm was just a bed, desk, and dresser. It really needed you to come in and give it a personal makeover. With a few last-minute decor touches, you've finally gotten settled in. Now, your room feels cozy AF, and you look forward to snuggling up after a long day of classes.

You've Made Some Great Friends In The Dorm

By now, not only are you and your roomie close, but you've made a few new friends on the floor. You've got your college squad. Together, you guys go to the dining hall and might have movie nights in the common areas on Fridays.

You've Found A School Club To Join

The club fair may have been super awkward during welcome week, but you found a few groups to join with similar interests. You love that you get to meet new people outside your classes and dorm, and they're into the same things as you. It also gives you fun activities to do during the week, so you're not just going to class and then your dorm every day.

You've Adjusted To Your Semester Schedule

College schedules can be all over the place. One day you may have, like, three classes in a row, but then nothing again for a few days. It takes time to adjust, but when you do, it feels great. You finally are on a good sleep schedule, and know exactly where you'll be all week.

You've Got Your Go-To Dishes In The Dining Hall

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You may miss the home cooking you got in high school, but the dining hall is definitely growing on you. You've found your go-to dishes. I still remember the waffle maker was my favorite, and I used it almost every single meal.

You've Started Some New Traditions With Your Friends

Your college friends are starting to feel like family, because you have a few traditions brewing. Maybe it's just movie night once a week. It seems simple, but at the core, it's giving you that familiarity that makes you only feel more comfortable.

You're Feeling A True School Spirit

Sure, you had school spirit when you applied for college, but now, you're basically rocking your school's colors on the daily. You love going to sporting events, and cheering on your teams. You wear your college sweaters with an extra dose of pride.

You Have Many Inside Jokes With College Friends

You may be friends with someone, but it's not until you have your first inside joke that you know you're on the path to best friendship. You and your crew have spent some late nights together just laughing. Those funny stories have now become inside jokes that you'll treasure forever.

You Have Your Go-To Late Night Spot On Campus

Since you're finally on your own, you're in charge of your schedule. That means you might stay up until 4 a.m. many nights just talking. When you and your friends find a 24-hour diner to hang out in, that'll become your go-to spot. Just like your hometown crew had a place to hang after hours, you and your college crew will, too.

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