If You & Your Bestie Turn Basic In The Fall, You Can Relate To These 10 Things

by Kristin Corpuz

I will be the first to admit that fall makes my inner (or outer) basic girl sing with pride. From flannels and oversized sweaters, to corn mazes and jumping into huge piles of orangey-red leaves, there's nothing that I don't love about this beautiful season. And when my friends and I get together, well, let's just say that we celebrate with a mini party of basic-ness. If you and your friends are basic in the fall, you know that these 10 things are all too true.

Let's be honest for a sec, though: Even though the word "basic" might get a bad rap at times, I don't hate it when people put the label on me. I will 100 percent own up to loving a good fall-scented candle, picking up a pumpkin for a photo (and never actually carving it), and living in leggings for a good six months. So judge me if you want, but I love fall and I thoroughly enjoy a fun basic moment as much as the next girl. (Don't believe me? Most of the photos in this post are of me.)

Whether you're looking for ways to up your basic-ness, or just need a friendly reminder of basic things to do in the fall, here's this season's go-to guide for all things basic for you and your friends to dive into (like a giant pile of leaves).

You're The First In Line When PSLs Make Their Debut
Martí Sans / Stocksy

I'll admit that I have to dock a few points off my basic card because I'm not the hugest fan of pumpkin-flavored things, but I totally understand the appeal because I love the smell. When Starbucks — at long last — premieres their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte, it's the first signifier that summer is over and fall is here (even when it's still 90 degrees outside). Who doesn't want a pic with a fresh fall mani (in a vampy color, of course) holding a Starbucks cup with the letters PSL on it?

You Live In Flannels And Beanies...
kristincorpuz_ on Instagram

... And also leggings, booties, big scarves, and any other article of clothing that proclaims the arrival of fall. (You can't tell, but I'm literally wearing all of those things in this pic.) Bonus points if you're wearing dark colors to show that the days of sundresses and sandals are over. Extra bonus points if you're rocking a vampy lipstick, too.

You Rock A Fall-Inspired Mani On The Reg
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Similar to not wearing white after Labor Day, no proud basic girl can have summer colors on her fingernails when autumn hits. Gone are the days of mint green and bright yellow; fall calls for burgundy, navy, olive green, and (if you're feeling edgy) a little black. You and your bestie can plan a total fall-themed date, complete with a fall brunch (Apple-cinnamon pancakes, anyone?), a stop at Starbucks for a little PSL fuel, then finally, a trip to your fave salon for an updated mani.

You Think You Can Get Away With Wearing A Blanket
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Comfy clothes are the only way to go during the fall, and what better way to feel cozy than to wear literal blankets? I like to rock two or three at a time, depending on how warm I want to feel. A flowy tent shirt? Check. Huge blanket scarf? Double check. Top off your outfit with a fuzzy teddy bear jacket, and you're good to go.

You Can Spend All Day Picking Out The Perfect Pumpkin
RZ Creative / Stocksy

You might not carve it, eat it, or make anything out of it, but as long as you got a picture for the 'Gram, who really cares? Basic girls can probably spend all day wandering around a pumpkin patch (taking candids the whole way through) looking for a perfectly plump pumpkin.

Getting Lost In Corn Or Sunflower Mazes Is Your Shizz
kristincorpuz_ on Instagram

I always love a good puzzle to solve, and if I can take some super cute pics while I'm at it, sign me the heck up. Corn and sunflower mazes are often the centerpieces of fall festivals, so put on a cute outfit, grab a cup of hot cider (or yet another PSL), and get lost in the colorfully confusing fall attractions. (Just don't eat the corn.)

You Love Jumping Into A Pile Of Leaves (Or Two, Or Five)
Katie + Joe / Stocksy

When you think fall, you think crunchy leaves. You and your basic bestie know that no autumn photo shoot is complete without a Boomerang of you two jumping into a giant pile of multicolored leaves. (Even better if you get a pic of your booties nestled perfectly in the foliage.)

You Go Apple Picking (Possibly More Than Once)
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Apples are a basic girl's best friend. Regardless of whether or not you actually plan on eating them, there's something really special about picking your own fruit (and documenting it for the 'Gram). And a lot of the time, apple orchards are planted right next to berry patches, so you can get all of your fall fruit picking done in one trip.

You Love Lighting Fall-Scented Candles
Darren Muir / Stocksy

I don't think anyone actually knows what "flannel" or "sweater weather" are supposed to smell like, but they sure do smell lovely, so I don't really care. Lighting a candle and snuggling into an oversized sweater with a cup of hot cocoa in hand is really the perfect way to get in the fall mood.

You Love Hitting Up The Farmers Market
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Fall means new seasonal crops and goodies, so you and your bestie are probably planning on heading to your local farmers market to see what they have to offer. My favorites are always the seasonal teas, as well as the fruits and veggies (because I'm usually too lazy to head out of the city to pick them myself).

Whether you're exploring fall basic-ness on your own, or you have your trusted basic bestie by your side, these activities are sure to make your heart feel extra cozy.