When You & Your Cousin Look Like Sisters, You Know These 7 Things To Be True

When you're super close to your cousin, she may start to feel more like a sister to you. Sure, you don't share the exact same DNA, but the bond between you two makes you besties for life. It's only when you and your cousin look like sisters, that your relationship goes from BFFs to the truest kind of soul sisters. There's always going to be a little family resemblance between cousins, but when you and your cousin get mistaken for siblings all the time, that's when you can really start having fun.

There's a good possibility you share the same taste in clothes, friends, activities, and dating style. This makes your bond all the more special. You get one another on another level. You can really be inspired by one another, because let's face it: If a cool outfit she bought looks great on her, you can borrow it knowing it'll look really awesome on you, too.

You may even look more like your cousin than your actual siblings, which adds a bit of confusion when you're trying to introduce people to your family. Though, no matter how unusual it might be, you love how much you and your cousin look alike. That's why you know these seven things to be true about the special relationship you and your soul sister cousin share.

People Say, "I Didn't Know You Had A Sister," All The Time
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There are a few things you hear all the time when you and your cousin look like sisters, and people jump to conclusions. You may have been a little tired of hearing them at first, but now, you're both pros at how to respond. You may even have stock answers you have on hand for any situation that arises.

You Stopped Correcting People When They Mistake You For Sisters

You used to correct people all the time when they mistook you for sisters, but now, you just go along with it. It's fun pretending to be sisters for a day. It reminds you both of when you used to play pretend at your grandma's house.

You've Learned To Respond To Your Cousin's Name
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You've been mistaken for your cousin so often that now, you'll just respond to her name. If you went to the same school, teachers may have accidentally called you both by each other's names. It happens all the time to siblings, so of course it happens to cousins who look like each other.

You Want To Borrow All Her Clothes

Seeing your cousin in a cute AF sweater just makes you want to borrow that sweater from her. Since you look so similar, whatever looks great on her will look fab on you, too. The perk of all of this is it's like you have two closets, because you're able to share clothes.

She's Basically Your Sister, And You Are Hers

You'll always know what it's like to have a sister when your cousin's around. If you're an only child or have a couple of brothers, it's like you get the best of both worlds, because you get a cousin who acts like your sis. Honestly, she's like the greatest sister you could ever have, because she gives you all the perks without having to deal with any negatives, like having to battle for the bathroom in the morning.

Family Reunions Always Provide Confusion, But Funny Stories

The first thing you have to accept when you look like sisters is knowing that even your own family will inevitably confuse you two. You've accepted this, and at family reunions, it's actually pretty funny. You end up sharing hilarious stories of how your aunt talked to you at great lengths thinking you were your cousin, and how your cousin got congratulated for your new job promotion.

Your Bond Is Stronger Than Ever From All The Laughs You Share
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You would think the sister confusion would only cause chaos, but it's actually brought you and your cousin closer to each other. Your bond is stronger from the sisterly comparisons, and having to deal with it together.

Now, you have tons of inside jokes only the two of you understand. It feels like a fun private club that only you and your cousin are part of.