7 Things You Miss Out On Once You've Broken Your Bond With Your Sister

The bond you share with a sibling is unlike anything you'll have with a friend. Coming from the same family and having the same genetic makeup create this incredible connection that no one else can ever understand. That's why sisters are so close, and that relationship is truly irreplaceable. But sometimes, obstacles present themselves and those relationships dwindle. It happens more than you would think, and you may find yourself wondering what happens when you drift apart from your sister.

It's a tough pill to swallow when you've had a falling out with your sis. Sometimes, you need to break that bond for the betterment of both of your lives. You might still remain somewhat close, but that special sisterly bond has been cracked and the trust is lost. It can be confusing as well as sad when you're missing these seven things you used to have with each other when your relationship falters.

The silver lining from the whole experience is that everything is meant to happen for a reason. You and your sister could realize that missing out on these things is not worth the fight, and a connection could be built once again, even if it takes a bit of time. The loss of these things in your life could also make you appreciate the other relationships you have with your friends a whole lot more.

That One Person You Could Count On To Be Brutally Honest With You
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Sisters are perfect for being brutally honest in the best way possible. They will tell you the whole truth, even when it's hard for them to say it. That's a luxury you can't take for granted, and once it's gone, you will miss it immensely. Of course, you can go to your friends for feedback, but there might be that slight hesitation from them that you never received from your sister.

Having Someone In The Family To Relate To
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Let's face it, our family can be a bit extra sometimes, so it's nice to have that one person who you can roll your eyes with. When your parents are asking for too much or your aunt wants to know the lowdown on your dating life, you had your sister to rescue you. Now, you have to survive any family drama on your own.

Your Many Adventures And Sister Hangs

You and your sister have had some great adventures, from going on tropical vacations to having heart to hearts at your fave childhood spots. You had some good times that maybe even resulted in a ton of inside jokes. Now, you're left with the memories, which might be sour to look back on, but at least you have them.

Someone To Go To For Relationship Advice

Your sister most likely went through the same struggles as you when it came to relationships. Especially if she's older, you would go to her for advice on how to handle everything.

Now, you don't have that connection, so you have to look to other people to vent. They may not have the solid advice your sister had, but at least it's something.

A Person To Borrow Things From On The Regular

You and your sister have probably been raiding each other's rooms since you were kids. You basically have a second closet because of her. Now that the bond and trust is gone between you two, that access to things is gone as well.

Someone To Talk To For No Reason At All
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When you're feeling lonely or just wasting time, you always had your sister to call or text. She was your person to call when you had nothing to say at all, or when you just needed to blow off steam after a long day at work. You can have that with a best friend of course, but there's truly no one like your sis.

Being Part Of Her Special Life Moments
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When your sisterly bond is broken, that could mean missing out on some very special moments in her life. For instance, she may very well give that maid of honor position you were promised to someone else. This can sting a lot, because no matter how angry you are with your sister, you will always love her.