The Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Collection Is So Sweet, It's Selling Out, So Pray For A Restock

Sally Hansen

Last week, one of your favorite throwback candy brands collaborated with a classic beauty brand on a collection of eye-popping nail polishes but the offerings were so sweet that they're already largely sold out. When will the Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Insta-Dri collection restock at Target? Elite Daily reached out to Sally Hansen to regarding restock information, and will update this post accordingly, so keep your eyes peeled because this is one nostalgic collaboration you definitely don't want to miss out on.

I grew up with a mom who had a huge, insatiable sweet tooth. I remember Red Vines holding court in our car, Chiclets gum always having a spot in my mom's purse, and a giant plastic tub of Jelly Belly beans that somehow never ran out perched high in our pantry. Thankfully, Red Vines weren't my taste and Chiclets gum lost its flavor in approximately two minutes flat so I didn't much indulge in either sweet, but Jelly Bellies? My candy kryptonite. Margarita, Pear, and Cinnamon were my favorite flavors but you better believe I tried them all and could definitely still identify each one by sight. You can imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered I'd be able to enjoy one of my favorite childhood candies in a different, far less gluttonous way.

“We are so excited to partner with Jelly Belly - a truly iconic jelly bean brand that celebrates color and creativity,” said Celia Tombalakian, Vice President of Sally Hansen Global and US Marketing, in a press release announcing the collaboration. “The collection is an emphasis on Jelly Belly’s wildly popular flavors that are translated into our quick dry polish. The vibrant and juicy shades are a perfect way to welcome Spring on your nails.”

Made with Sally Hansen's much loved Insta-Dri formula that takes only one minute to go from liquid to solid, the polishes are incredibly convenient and carefree. "One stroke, one coat, and you’re done in 60 seconds!" boasts the press release. They come in eleven delicious shades inspired by classic Jelly Belly flavors, meaning they're all kinds of bright and playful, with four of the polishes being sparkly top coats and the other seven being solid colors. Target currently has five of the shades in stock at $4.09 apiece, so if you're eager to take a bite out of this collaboration ASAP then you've still got options before it's restocked in its entirety.

First up is Green Apple, a fresh and crisp shade that's perfect for spring.

Blueberry, a slightly dusty and muted blue, will remind you of the color your mouth used to turn after eating too many Jelly Bellies of the same flavor.

This shade is called Island Punch and is Jelly Belly's version of millennial lilac.

If you want a slightly more vivacious blue, Berry Blue has got you covered.

One look at this pretty pink bottle and you already know it's going to be called Bubblegum.

A classic red, Very Cherry should become a staple in your nail polish collection.

Use Coconut on its own for an extra mod effect, or layer it under any of the sparkly top coats and allow them to take center stage.

Here's where we get to the really fun shades. Tutti-Frutti might be one of Jelly Belly's most beloved flavors of all and seeing as it's also one of the prettiest ones to look at, you know it had to find a place within this collaboration.

Strawberry Cheesecake is another flavor translated to sparkly topper form. Featuring hot pink glitter and a pale pink polish, it screams springtime.

Peach was another one of my favorite flavors for its sweet and juicy taste and when re-imagined in nail polish form, it's equally as lovable.

Last but certainly not least is Buttered Popcorn, a pale yellow polish flecked with platinum sparkles. I wasn't a fan of the flavor itself but must say I'm digging just looking at it.