'The Good Place' Season 4 will be avaialble on Netflix on Sept. 26.

Holy Shirtballs, 'The Good Place' Season 4 Is Coming To Netflix So Soon

by Dylan Kickham

It's become pretty clear that 2020 is basically The Bad Place, but Netflix is about to bring in some good. The streaming service is adding the fourth and final season of The Good Place, so anyone who didn't watch the comedy's big farewell on NBC earlier this year can finally stream it. So, here's when The Good Place Season 4 will be on Netflix, so you can get ready to marathon it right away:

The final season of The Good Place aired on NBC in the fall of 2019, leading up to its highly anticipated series finale at the beginning of 2020. While many superfans kept up with the series while it aired, this is the age of streaming, so there are a lot of people who may have opted to wait until Season 4 hit Netflix to devour the whole thing at once. Thankfully, that wait is almost over. The Good Place Season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix on Saturday, Sept. 26, so fans who have been waiting can finally see how the series ends while viewers who already saw the ending months ago have the perfect excuse for a rewatch.

The drop date comes less than a week after the 2020 Emmys, during which The Good Place sadly did not take home any awards despite being highly nominated. Since this year was the show's last chance of taking home a trophy, The Good Place officially went its whole run without ever winning an Emmy, a realization that confused and frustrated a lot of fans online.


Unlike many successful network comedies with ensemble casts, which tend to stick around for a while once they find success, showrunner Mike Schur ended The Good Place after Season 4 by his own volition, sharing that he had the ending in his mind and didn't want to stretch the series beyond that.

The show's fourth season begins as a continuation of the experiment set up in the Season 3 finale, in which Eleanor, Michael, Tahani, Jason, and Janet work together to prove a group of people selected by The Bad Place actually can be reformed in the afterlife. Chidi, sadly, was sidelined in the Season 3 finale after asking Michael to erase his memories.

Look for Season 4 of The Good Place to hit Netflix on Saturday, Sept. 26.