When will Sugar Cookie M&M's be available? You'll have to wait until Novemeber.

M&M’s Is Releasing A New Flavor Inspired By Your Favorite Holiday Cookies

Courtesy of M&M's

There's a new M&M's flavor coming to stores, and it sounds like the perfect treat for the holiday season. Even though it's still months away, it seems the brand is ready to celebrate Christmas in July with the announcement of a new flavor inspired by a holiday classic: sugar cookies. And if you're wondering when the M&M's Sugar Cookie flavor will be available, here's what you should know about the seasonal candies.

M&M's announced the new bite on Tuesday, July 14, and the new M&M's Sugar Cookie flavor is a holiday exclusive, featuring a classic taste that's perfect for the colder months. Sugar Cookie M&M's will feature white chocolate, a crispy center, and a sugar cookie-flavored candy shell in red, green, and white colors that bring the traditional bite. Since these M&Ms are a new holiday flavor, they won't be hitting the shelves until November 2020. When they arrive in the fall, you'll be able to purchase the M&M's Sugar Cookie flavor in stores nationwide. They'll be available wherever M&M's are sold for $1.89 per 3.22-ounce bag and $3 per 7.44-ounce sharing size bag.

M&M's first hinted at the new Sugar Cookie flavor on Thursday, July 9, on Instagram and Twitter, writing, "We were feeling a little festive and got to work on something new. We can’t tell you yet, but we have a feeling the big guy in red will be a fan." The post featured a holiday tree background with decorated cookies, as well as a baking spoon and whisk.

If you want to get an early taste of the new Sugar Cookie M&M's, the brand is hosting a social media contest on its official Twitter and Instagram accounts. To enter, look for a special contest post on Saturday, July 25. If you're entering on Instagram, comment on the contest post with the hashtag #sweepstakes. On Twitter, you'll reply to the tweet with #sweepstakes. Once you've posted your comment you'll be entered for a chance to get a free bag of the new holiday-inspired flavor before the official release. M&M's will choose 10 winners in total — five from Twitter and five from Instagram, and they'll get the first taste in early August.