Chance The Rapper Revealed The Release Date For His Debut Album, Finally

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's hard to believe that Chance The Rapper has never released a studio album. With numerous hits on the radio and his 2016 independent-mixtape Coloring Book debuting at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, it is pretty easy to forget. So, when will Chance The Rapper drop his first album? Well, the simple answer is: very soon.

The 26-year-old stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 16 to dish all the details on his first album release.

"A lot of secrecy behind it. It's very mysterious. I was looking at your Instagram and we've been getting hints," started Fallon, referring to the videos of Chance holding a clear CD with diamonds (Swarovski crystals?) or something ultra glittery in it. Yes, in it.

"But tonight. We can reveal the album cover at least, right?" Fallon continued. "We can't say what it's called or when it's coming out yet? But we can show the cover, that would work?"

"Yeah," said Chance who looked just as anxious as I felt watching this interview segment on The Tonight Show's YouTube channel. Fallon then whipped out a blown-up picture of the (very familiar) cover art that features a hand holding a clear, yet glittery CD. The audience cheered, clearly stoked to receive the exclusive sneak peek.

But, if you're like me, you probably want a little more than just cover art. Luckily, Fallon didn't stop there. Apparently, before the show began, he made a special arrangement with Chance. "We kinda made a little bit of a deal backstage," Fallon shared. "I wanna know the name of this album. I wanna know the release date of this album. Can you give me one of the two or both?" Dear Jimmy, I like your style.

The "All Night" lyricist thought long and hard before eventually giving in to Fallon's request for one tiny bit of album info. "I'll do the release date one," he said, before asking the audience if he could explain the terms of the deal.

The Chicago native went on to explain how this album is his first official release. "I haven’t sold my projects before," he said. "All my mixtapes were free. This is my debut album so there's like a pre-order and I told Jimmy to pre-order my album and he was like, 'If you say the release date on my show.'" OMG, what are you waiting for? Order it, Jimmy. No worries, he actually did. But here's more of how it went down.

During the interview, Fallon grabbed his cell and typed in the pre-order site of chanceraps.com. He placed the album, which apparently was being referred to as "debut album" at the time, in his virtual cart. At that very moment, Chance raised the stakes."If you press 'pay' I'll say the date and the album title." Yes, the moment all Chance fans have been waiting for.

Fallon obviously pressed "purchase" and Chance cheered before beginning his own PSA. "My name is Chance The Rapper and I will be releasing my debut album on July 26 entitled The Big Day." Yay, The Big Day (get it?) is literally, almost here. Now, excuse me. I have a very important purchase to make.