BTS' 'Burn The Stage' Is Coming Back To Theaters, Because It Was Just That Good

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Are you ready to get up close and personal with the guys of BTS? Well, your chance to do so has just arrived! According to a press release from Trafalgar Releasing, the global event distribution company behind BTS’ Burn the Stage movie, all the guys are coming to a theater near you once again! That’s right, Burn the Stage: The Movie will be hitting theaters in the United States for its second run, and that’s all thanks to how popular it was the first time around. When will BTS’ Burn the Stage be back in theaters? You can expect to see it back on the big screen in early December!

According to Trafalgar Releasing’s press release, Burn the Stage: The Movie will be returning to theaters on Dec. 5 and Dec. 6. And in a tweet posted on Tuesday, Nov. 27, the company revealed that the movie will be screened in 400 theaters across the United States.

“By popular demand, additional US screenings have been added for the record-breaking Burn the Stage: the Movie! The film will return to 400 movie theaters nationwide on DECEMBER 5 & 6!” they tweeted.

The return of Burn the Stage to theaters doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, the film broke a record that was previously held by One Direction’s 2014 documentary One Direction: Where We Are.

According to Forbes, Burn The Stage: The Movie earned $2.4 million in the U.S. during its weekend debut back in October 2018. And its total North American revenue was $3.6 million. Those are some very impressive numbers, if you ask me. And they're also not surprising since, according to Forbes, the film screened in over 2,000 theaters worldwide. All told, the film earned $14 million total. For comparison, Burn the Stage brought in 1.4 million admissions while it was in theaters while One Direction: Where We Are totaled 1.2 million admissions.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, Burn the Stage is definitely a hugely popular film. And why shouldn’t be? It gives fans an unprecedented glimpse into the lives and work of their favorite band. If you haven’t seen Burn the Stage: The Movie yet, here’s what you can expect: You’ll get to see a camera crew follow BTS during their Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings tour, which happened in 2017. The film also features interviews with all the members of BTS, so you’ll get an inside look at what goes on when the guys are on tour.

Now that you have way more information about Burn the Stage than you ever wanted to know, let me explain how you can get tickets to the December screenings of the film. First, you have to head over to https://us.burnthestagethemovie.com, then you can select your preferred theater. The Burn the Stage site conveniently includes a map, so you can choose whichever theater suits you best! Once you’ve selected your fave theater, you can click on “Get Tickets” and you’ll automatically be directed to the theater’s website, where you can purchase your tickets.

But if you’re going to snag tickets to multiple screenings, you should probably do it fast! With so many fans clamoring to see it, you definitely want to be first in line!