Fans Think BLACKPINK's New Movie Reveals Which Member Will Drop A Solo Song Next

Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary, Light Up The Sky, revealed so many behind-the-scenes secrets about Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa. From hearing the group's thoughts on their historic 2019 Coachella performance and their process toward releasing their debut album, to what their lives would look like 20 years from now, fans were stunned by how much they learned. One of the biggest reveals was a clue about when BLACKPINK's Rosé will drop a solo song. Based on what she said, it could be here at any moment, so prepare yourselves, BLINKs.

At one point in the documentary, fans heard a snippet of a new song Rosé has been working on, and fans are convinced this means she'll make her solo debut soon. "This is Rosé's first recorded song," a producer teased during the scene.

The singer talked about why it's taken so long for her to record solo music. "You know how when people say they're afraid of heights or they're afraid of water? I've always been so afraid of getting in the studio or writing something. I always thought someday I have to just start it," Rosé explained. "I feel more imitated when I'm by myself."

Seeing the behind-the-scenes process was a mind-blowing moment for fans. Despite her fears, Rosé was able to push through and finish recording. Since the documentary was filmed months ago, fans think her final product could arrive shortly. Fans are saying it could drop as soon as December.

On June 1, YG released a statement confirming that after BLACKPINK's comeback with their debut album The Album, the girls would have more music on the way. "YG has released Jennie’s first-ever solo single SOLO back in November 2018, and has been working on Rosé’s first-ever solo track for over a year," the agency said, hinting fans may get a mini album. "Rosé’s solo works have already been completed."

YG said their plan was for Rosé to drop her project in September after BLACKPINK's album. However, as fans know, their record dropped in October instead, meaning Rosé's music has been pushed back as well. Here's hoping fans are right about that December release date!