When To Start Dating Again After A Breakup, According To Real Women


I've always been confused about those people who are constantly in relationships. You know what I mean. That one girl from high school who was posting a million pictures with the same guy, complete with sappy captions and millions of heart emojis, until she suddenly started posting the same captions on photos with a new guy. How did she do it? How did she move on so quickly? Is that even healthy? When are you supposed to start moving on? Well, a new Reddit thread asked women when to start dating again after a breakup, and they gave their best advice from personal experience. Hint: It'll be different for everyone.

There's no set timeline.


Wait until you're comfortable with yourself.


It could be anywhere from a day to a year.


There are no hard and fast rules.


When you meet the right person, you'll know.


Wait until life is less stressful.


A decade worked for this woman. (But, like, if you're ready sooner, then go for it.)


Take time to enjoy being single.


Wait until you meet the right person.


It's a combination of when you're ready and when your date is ready.


Dating again can be part of mourning the breakup.


You can be ready whenever you feel like it.


If you were to take away one thing from this piece, let it be this: People move on in different ways at different paces. Do whatever feels right for you. If you're ready to start dating an hour after your relationship ends, go for it! If you need to take 10 years to go find yourself, that's fine, too.

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