When Everyone Is Getting Married & You're Still Single, Here's How It Feels, According To Women


None of my close friends have gotten married or even engaged yet, but I've got to admit that when the first one does, it's going to put me on a roller coaster of emotions. On one hand, if the friend is marrying someone I like, and I believe in their relationship, I'm going to be so happy for them! But on the other hand, I'm going to be totally freaked out. It's not that I don't have someone I could see myself spending forever with, but it would be that everyone is getting married, and that just feels like such an ADULT thing that I'm nowhere near ready for. But that's just me.

A recent Reddit thread asked women, "How do you feel when you see your friends are gradually getting married?" and their answers showed that a lot of women are a lot like me. Our feelings about our friends getting married are... well, they're pretty mixed. Read along and see for yourself below:

She feels a mix of jealousy and happiness.


She's been there, too.


She's happy, mixed with a little bit of exhaustion.


She's just purely happy.


She gets a little anxious at the thought of going to a wedding.


She feels differently, depending on which friend it is.


So does she.


She's miserable if she knows the marriage isn't going to work out.


She knows that, at her age, finding someone is an accomplishment.


She's always been really excited about it.


She's happy, jealous, and sad all at the same time.


She just doesn't care.


OK, so if your friend just got engaged, and you don't feel that overjoyed, happy feeling you think you're supposed to feel, don't worry about it! You're not alone.

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