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Hunter Schafer Revealed When The Next 'Euphoria' Special Episode Will Air & It's SOON

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Season 2 of Euphoria won't drop for a little while, but HBO is providing fans with a little taste of the show to tide them over. Early in December, HBO aired the first of two special Euphoria episodes that are meant to bridge the gap between Seasons 1 and 2. Now that most fans have seen the first episode featuring Rue, they're wondering when the second Euphoria special episode comes out so they can catch up with Jules. Here's what to know:

The first Euphoria special episode, "Trouble Don't Last Always," focused on Rue (Zendaya) in the aftermath of Jules (Hunter Schafer) leaving her alone on the train platform to escape to the city. The episode was set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, Dec. 6, but fans got a surprise when it was released a few days early on Dec. 4 on HBO Max.

On Dec. 7, Schafer took to Instagram to share a new poster for the second special episode, and she also revealed when it's coming. In the caption of the photo, she wrote: "part 2: Jules - january 24th on @hbo and @hbomax."

So, there you have it. The second Euphoria special episode will premiere on both HBO and HBO Max on Jan. 24, a little less than two months after the first one. But, could HBO pull another surprise and release it early on HBO Max? That remains to be seen, so keep an eye out for any last-minute announcements.

In the new episode, audiences will presumably get to see Jules' side of the story. No matter what Jules feels, Schafer herself is pretty upset about how her character acted in the Euphoria Season 1 finale. She told Entertainment Weekly, "I was really mad at Jules for that. You don’t leave your friend-slash-lover alone in a train station at 1 a.m."

But, Schafer also empathizes with Jules. "At the same time, she’s 17 and has been through this crazy shit and she needs to get out," she said. "I know where that all is coming from. It was all too much. She can't save Rue."

It's still unclear how Jules feels about the way she acted, but all should be revealed when the second Euphoria special episode arrives.

Euphoria Season 1 and the first Euphoria special episode are available now on HBO Max.

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