Sugary Cosmetics’ Donut Shop Collection Means Donuts Are On The Menu Every Day

Courtesy of Sugary Cosmetics

Personally, I'm all for the random holidays popping up out of nowhere dedicated to celebrating mundane but delicious foods and beverages. You best believe I went ham on National Pizza Day, and I was more than a little hungover the day after National Rosé Day, naturally. With National Donut Day creeping up on June 7, I'm sure you're wondering when the Sugary Cosmetics Donut Shop Collection drops, since it's the perfect way to celebrate everyone's favorite circular food (Sorry, bagels, ILY!). Fortunately, it'll be super easy to snag this cute collection very soon, and if you haven't seen it yet, prepare for a major donut craving once you "feast" your eyes upon it. Sorry for the food pun, but when we're talking about a donut-themed collection, I can't really pass up the opportunity.

If you don't know about Sugary Cosmetics just yet, you're about to become a huge fan. The indie brand just announced their Donut Shop collection, featuring a donut-shaped palette, icing-inspired lippies, and some falsies for good measure, and I'm pretty sure you're about to see every influencer on YouTube trying these babies out whilst enjoying a donut mukbang sesh.

Like, who wouldn't want to dig into this collection?

If you couldn't guess, the big star of the collection is the Donut Palette:

This baby retails for $26, and includes ten vibrant shades. In addition to a matte pure white and a dark brown, there are neons like lime green and yellow, bold hues like pink and purple, and an extra-special glittery turquoise I'm dying to lay on my lids ASAP.

Check out these swatches — delicious:

And to pair with the palette? The collection has three pairs of flirty falsies:

These are described as"the world's first donut shaped lashes," which might seem gimmicky, but hear me out as I try to explain why this premise actually rocks. The lashline is more often than not a slightly rounded shape, so falsies with super-straight bands are often the ones that cause your inner or outer corner to pop off while you're out at a party — they want to return to their straight-across shape, so they don't form to your eye as easily as a rounded band would! All three of these styles have rounded bands for easy application and comfortable wear, and they come in cute donut-shaped carrying cases with mirrors. Goals.

These reusable lashes can also be worn up to 25 times, and cost $10 per pair:

Last but not least, the drop rounds out with two shades of Lip Icing for $10 a pop:

Cute name alert! The Lip Icing is a matte formula available in pinky "Strawberry Icing" and nudey "Caramel Icing." My only complaint is that there's no possible way I won't be craving a donut by noon if I use one of these lippies to finish off my morning glam. Worth it, IMO.

Into this collection's cute donut vibes? You're in luck: It's all available on the Sugary Cosmetics site come June 5, aka two days before National Donut Day, aka set an alarm so you get yours in time to celebrate.