10 Crazy Struggles Of Fake Eyelashes That All Makeup Lovers Know Too Well

by Erica Mariera

Fake eyelashes are the perfect touch to a completed makeup routine. There's something about those wispy hairs that can bring the dramatics to another level in ways that eye shadow and eyeliner could only hope for.

Fake lashes have become a must in makeup artistry.

Beauty influencers on Instagram tote their own preferred brand and we all go and buy them in bunches using their discount codes. There are also enough YouTube videos dedicated to lashes to warrant weeks of binge-watching.

It's quite easy to fall into the lash craze, but wearing lashes is not for the faint of heart.

Don't let those clever YouTubers fool you. The way that they perfectly apply lashes took a lot of practice and screaming into the mirror.

And every time you see one of your fave celebrities with an elegant fan of lashes accenting their selfie, remember that they can't wait take those suckers off.

Here are the issues that anyone who has a love/hate relationship with fake lashes can relate to.

1. The glue doesn't work.

It starts off innocent enough. You put glue on the lashes and then wait till it dries and becomes tacky. Only, the glue never becomes tacky and remains a liquid consistency.

Next thing you know, you've smeared three pounds of glue on and you still can't get the lashes to stick. Plus, you have a film of what looks like snot on the rim of your eyelid. Fun times.

2. You cut the lashes too short.

Most of the time, fake lashes need to have a few centimeters cut off the edge to fit your eye. But if you've been applying your makeup for 45 minutes, you'll rush the cutting process and end up with a bald eyelid corner.

3. You can't get them to lie on your own lashes.

Getting fake lashes to sit correctly on top of your natural lashes can take hours. Every time you think you have the middle aligned, the edges will seem to sprout legs and pop up. Why can't they just stay still and follow orders?

4. The tweezer or lash applicator doesn't help.

And since you know that putting on lashes is a mission of epic proportions, you prepare by using tweezers or a lash applicator.

Do these tools miraculously align your lashes for you? No.

5. You feel like you have something in your eye.

When they're finally on, it feels like a hair is lost in your eyeball and you end up rubbing at the corners of your eye all day.

6. They're no good after the first use.

You think you've just discovered the Cadillac of lashes and then you wash them for the first time and they shrivel up like dried fruit.

7. You can't get the mascara off of them from the last time you used them.

You consider running your lashes through a full cycle in the washing machine because the thick black mascara you applied is clinging on to your lashes for dear life.

8. They come off sometime later.

You've spent the whole day thinking that you look fabulous and then catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and realize you only have one lash on.

9. You leave them wherever you take them off.

After a long day of wearing lashes, you peel them off and fling them to the side.

It isn't 'til your swatting at the kitchen counter with a paper towel roll that you notice you're trying to squash the lashes that you took off a few days ago, and not some bug that flew in through the window.

10. You forget to clean them.

You end up not being able to wear your most alluring lashes because they're covered in dried glue, mascara and eyeshadow glitter.

You miss out, yet again, on another opportunity to slay the lash game because you forgot to clean your lashes.