The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Line Is Better Than Any Valentine & It's Coming SO Soon

by Stephanie Montes
Kylie Cosmetics

A little over three years ago, social media royalty and heir to the Kardashian throne Kylie Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics. It started with the super popular Lip Kit and has since become a major makeup line, complete with eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, concealers, and more. And it seems that the makeup mogul gets better with every collection she drops. Her latest one is cohesive, boasts a spot-on color palette and is, by far, my favorite one she's ever released. So when does Kylie Cosmetics' Valentine's Day Collection 2019 drop? Soon, really soon. Like, sooner than you can find literally anyone or anything to be your Valentine. The only difference is, you don't even need a Valentine, but you do need makeup covered in kiss prints, lingerie, and glitter-covered packaging.

On Jan. 23, Jenner took to her Instagram to announce yet another new collection. She shared a photo of herself lying across giant red glitter letters spelling out her name while wearing a silky red dress, pumps, and red hair styled in Gatsby-esque finger waves. Her caption read, "Can’t wait to reveal the VALENTINE COLLECTION tomorrow!" As promised, she unveiled the entire pink and red collection on Jan. 24, via her Instagram story, and just like that, her millions of followers fell in love at first sight.

The collection features three lip sets: "The Forever Set," "The Love Set," and "The Soulmate Set." Each set comes complete with a lip liner, a matte liquid lipstick, and a gloss (basically everything you need to create a super luscious pout and not just on Valentine's Day).

But in case you thought the liners, liquid lipsticks, and glosses have just been repackaged in new bottles for the holiday, think again. All the shades found in the collection are all brand new, exclusive to the 2019 Valentine's Day Collection. No word on whether they are limited edition or if there will be a restock, but I say don't chance it — get them while you can.

The Pressed Powder Palette, called "Valentine Palette," features 12 eyeshadows in matte and shimmer finishes, in a range of shades like "Princess," a matte nude; "Romance," a lavender shimmer; and "Kandy Heart," a hot pink matte. Then there's the new Glitter Eyes liquid eyeshadow called "Roses Are Red," a shimmery shade of light pink that's sure to go on like butter and look like silk.

Finally, Kylie's newest blush, "Crush," is a light peach hue that gives your face a light flush, almost as good as the one you get when your crush walks into the room. Get it?

Here's where things get really adorable: The backs of the packages have a "To:" and "From:" caption — you know, like the Valentine's Day cards you passed out in middle school, but much, much better. The entire collection drops on the Kylie Cosmetics website on Friday, Feb. 1, and chances are, it'll go quickly. The questions now are just, will you get your hands on this launch and whose lucky names will you fill out on the "To:" and "From:" section.