Kylie Cosmetics Just Announced An Eyebrow Collection, So Get Ready For Most Stunning KyBrows

by Stephanie Montes
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A little over three years ago, social media royalty and heir to the Kardashian throne Kylie Jenner introduced the world to Kylie Cosmetics. It started with the super popular Lip Kit and has since become a major makeup line, complete with eyeshadows, highlighters, blush, concealers, and more. Then, most recently, Kylie Jenner was named the youngest billionaire — reaching a 10-figure salary even younger than Mark Zuckerberg did — according to Forbes. And now, on Monday, April 22, the makeup mogul teased the launch of a brand new product category to her beauty range. So when does Kylie Cosmetics' KyBrow Collection drop?

In true Kardashian fashion, the 21-year-old beauty billionaire took to social media to share with her Kylie Cosmetics fans that a full range of long-awaited brow products would be coming soon. On her personal Instagram account, Jenner posted a video montage of her makeup — hair flowing in a breeze and all — that included a clip of her filling in her brows with a thin, retractable brow pencil. At the end of the clip, you see a quick shot of a handful of products packaged in the brand's signature pink and silver aesthetic. Finally, the credits roll, reading, KYBROW COMING 4/29.

It's no secret Kylie Cosmetics is on a roll. The brand released six shades of setting powders last month and dropped setting sprays just a few weeks ago. And now, Kylie is adding six more brow products to her growing repertoire. They all read Kybrow by Kylie Jenner, rather than the usual Kylie logo spelled out in large block letters. This packaging is incredibly similar to Kylie Cosmetics' recent setting spray packaging, so perhaps this is a brand-new re-design for future Kylie Cosmetics products as well?

Regardless, every product in Kylie's new Kybrow collection is about to go on your "add to cart" list stat. In terms of brow color products, the Kybrow Brow Pencil features a super fine tip that makes creating realistic, hair-like strokes a breeze. The Kybrow Brow Pomade is a smudge-proof and buildable cream formula that define and fills in brows with minimal effort. And the Kybrow Brow Powder Duo includes two velvety-smooth powders that give you a natural brow look, in two shades for customizable color matching.

As for other brow products in the line, the Kybrow Brow Gel sets and holds your arches in place all day and features a lightweight brush, perfect for getting between every hair (even the tiniest ones). The Kybrow Brow Highlighter ⁣comes in two formulas: matte and shimmer. Use the creamy matte highlight to sculpt and add dimension, or add a soft highlight⁣ on your brow bone with the shimmer formula. The Kybrow Brow Brush is a dual-ended tool that features a thin, angled brush tip on one end (perfect for applying the Kybrow powder or pomade products) and a spoolie on the other end to define brows and smooth out any harsh lines.

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There's still no word on price points or shade ranges, but the good news is, you don't have to wait very long for all the answers. The entire KyBrow collection of arch-perfecting products launches on Monday, April 29 on