Here's Everything We Know About 'Black Mirror' Season 6


Another chilling season of Netflix's technological dystopia Black Mirror officially dropped on Wednesday, June 5, and of course, diehard fans have already binged their way through the three new stories. Since Black Mirror is an anthology series in which every episode stands on its own, fans are never really clear on if or in what form the show might continue. So naturally, the question everyone is wondering right now is when does Black Mirror Season 6 premiere, and what surprises might be in store for the future of the wildly original series.

It is still too soon to know with certainty that Black Mirror will be back for a sixth season since Netflix has not yet picked up the show for a season following its just-released Season 5, but given the show's popularity, it feels like a pretty safe assumption that Season 6 is going to happen. Not only is Black Mirror still a massively buzzy show five seasons in, but Netflix has also proven its investment in it as recently as a few months ago by premiering its new interactive technology in the Black Mirror special Bandersnatch. Not to mention, the show just nabbed Miley Cyrus to star in a Season 5 episode, proving its pop culture cache to attract A-list guest stars. With all of those accomplishments under its belt, Black Mirror's Season 6 pick-up feels inevitable.

On top of that, showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have been candid about a whole bunch of ideas that they still have for future episodes of Black Mirror. The duo recently spoke to Yahoo Movie UK about wanting to have Barack Obama guest star on an episode, and teased some innovative new form ideas in the vein of the interactive Bandersnatch special. In the past, Brooker and Jones have also brought up the idea of potentially exploring a sequel episode, with Season 1's "Be Right Back" and Season 2's White Bear" suggested as stories to follow up on, but as of yet each Black Mirror episode stands alone.

From Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones' comments, it sounds like the showrunners are pretty secure that Black Mirror will continue and they already have a bunch of ideas for Season 6... although those ideas will obviously remain a secret until the new season comes out. So, when exactly can fans expect the next new season? That part is not so clear. Black Mirror did begin to follow a more predictable release schedule when it was picked up from U.K.'s Channel 4 by Netflix after two seasons — steadily releasing Season 3, Season 4, and Bandersnatch at the end of each consecutive year — but Season 5's June release breaks that routine. Also, Season 5 contains half the episode count of the previous two seasons, down from six to just three.

The one thing that has remained consistent since Netflix picked up Black Mirror is that the show has released something each year, which should give fans hope that Season 6 will be on its way in 2020... once Netflix officially picks it up, that is.