Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Launching A New Brow Product After 3 Years & It's 2 Fan Faves Combined

by Stephanie Montes
Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

When Anastasia Beverly Hills first launched in 2000, the brand was totally focused on eyebrow products, and the cult following grew pretty quickly. Since then, the Instagram-favorite brand has expanded to include products from every category, including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, foundations, highlighters, contouring products — you name it. However, the brand's latest launch, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel, is all about going back to their roots to give you the best brows of your life.

Between the excitement of all the recent makeup launches by Anastasia Beverly Hills, you might not have noticed that the brand hasn't released a single brow product in about three years, despite being a brow-first brand. So what could be worthy of breaking a three-year-long eyebrow embargo? A hybrid of two of its most iconic products, the Dipbrow Pomade and Tinted Brow Gel, of course.

Anastasia Beverly Hills just announced they will be dropping a brand new product called Dipbrow Gel, described as "a highly pigmented, waterproof eyebrow gel featuring a smudge-proof, long-lasting formula that adds volume to brows, creating the appearance of natural dimension and fullness," by a release from the brand. The idea is that you can brush the formula through your arches easily with the built-in wand for groomed brows — just like you would with the ABH Tinted Brow Gel — but then, you can also dip an angled brush (not included) onto the formula and use that brush to add fullness, again, just like you would with the Dipbrow Pomade. It's literally two greats in one.

Watch the new Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dipbrow Gel in action:

In the Instagram post above, you can see just how versatile the new gel is, with brow the fullness already increasing with just the applicator brush, but becoming even more defined with a few strokes of an angled brush. I mean, those before and after photos alone are seriously convincing me that the entire three-year brow sabbatical was spent formulating this product to perfection.

Plus, it seems easy to apply, and the compact packaging means you can take it with you basically anywhere.

The brand new Dipbrow Gel will be available in 11 shades: blonde, auburn, soft Brown, medium brown, dark brown, ash brown, ebony, granite, caramel, chocolate, and taupe. I mean, this is the OG Anastasia Beverly Hills we all know and love, amirite?

Five of those shades will also be available in a Dipbrow Gel Mini travel size. However, the brand has not announced which ones will come in a mini size yet. I'm assuming it will be a range of light and dark shades — maybe one every other shade down the line.

Unfortunately, if you're looking to cop this gel right now, you'll have to wait — but luckily, it's not for long. The hybrid Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel will be available for $18 (or $9 for the mini version) on March 4 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. Or if you prefer to see it in person first, you can start testing in stores come March 7.