The Milk Makeup Lip Colors Just Got A Glow-Up, With New Shades & Packaging Coming Soon

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With Milk Makeup going all out in regards to their super popular Kush products and OG stick formulas, it's sometimes easy to forget about their more basic products, which are equally amazing, but very underrated. Apparently, Milk realized this, too, and decided to give one of their classic products a major glow-up. If you're wondering when the new Milk Makeup Lip Colors drop, this just in: the brand will be releasing freshly repackaged lippies in all your go-to hues, plus an additional three new shades.

Change is good, people! And while the current Lip Colors ($11, originally $22, are nice, the new and improved version will be even better. The demi-matte originals featured a lipstick bullet in pen-like packaging, and all 12 shades boasted a moisturizing and long-wearing vegan formula, as well as serious pigment. Despite bomb payoff and a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on their website, the brand noticed these lippies could use a little TLC, so they decided to revamp and bring them back with a look that would make them stand out.

"In the mood to kiss someone? We got a lil something to help you out TMRW 😉" the brand wrote on Instagram below a photo of the new packaging. At first, customers assumed this would be a completely different and new lip product: "Lip plumper? Tinted lipbalm? Lip stain? Lip scrub? Kush lipstick? Kush tinted lipbalm? The possibilities are endless" mused one curious consumer.

After teasing fans with the aforementioned mysterious all-white packaging photo...

The brand finally let us in on the secret: repackaged, rejuvenated Lip Colors!

The brand-spanking-new Lip Color Demi-Matte Lipstick ($24, is the former version's cooler, more experienced older sister, from packaging to payoff. Gone is the pen-like shape, and in its place a more traditional lipstick casing, done in a white metal with a magnetic closure. The bullet itself is also bigger than before, too, but the teardrop shape remains so that users can shape their pouts with ease.

Out of the original 12 shades, Milk chose to ditch five and add three fresh takes. Gone are bold hues like hot pink "Freshhh," purple pink "Gnarkly," wine "Dip Out," dark plum "Grrrl," and deep purple "Extra," and in their place are more mature tones like cool smoky mauve "Hype," warm peachy nude "Skillz," and warm rosy nude "Deuces."

Behold, the new and improved shade range:

Milk Makeup

Did your favorites make the cut? "Is EXTRA gone? Please don't get rid of Extra!!! :(" wrote one disappointed die-hard fan on Instagram, but for the most part, everyone seemed thrilled by the new additions. "Deuces and wifey are calling my name," wrote one commenter, and others praised the new look, with exclamations like, "THIS NEW PACKAGING WILL BE SO MUCH BETTERR 💕💗💗." "So happy the packaging got redesigned on these because the ones in the grey tubes always used to fall apart on me 😭," wrote one consumer of the apparently much-needed change.

Can't wait to try these out? If you're in the United States, then you're in luck, because they're already available on the Milk Makeup website, as are the original Lip Colors at a discounted price. They're currently avilable on the Sephora site, too but if you live elsewhere, you'll have to wait until February 14, when they launch in Ireland and the UK on Cult Beauty.