Women Reveal Their Absolute Dream Relationships & Damn, Where TF Is Mine?

by Candice Jalili

Do me a favor and visualize something in your mind: the most perfect relationship you could ever dream up. What does it look like? What's your partner like? What activities do the two of you do together? What topics do you talk about the most? What values do you share? Simply put: What does your dream relationship look and feel like to you?

Well, if nothing comes to mind immediately, or if your own ideas seem too farfetched to you, maybe these responses from ladies on a Reddit thread about their dream relationships will get the creative juices flowing... or at least let you know your dreams aren't too lofty. Check them out below.

This person wants a relationship with total transparency between partners.

A relationship where I can be myself completely. Where we have no secrets, barely argue, can relate to each other, share the same morals and beliefs, and feel like I am not being judged/criticized no matter what.


This person wants a relationship where your lover is also your best friend.

I think the best way to describe my dream relationship is being both best friends and partners. I want my ideal partner to be someone I feel is my absolute best friend in life, someone who I can be completely comfortable around and tell anything and everything to. I want my partner to not only be someone I can be romantic and cute with, but also someone I can be silly with. Joke around, tease each other. Do everything from taking spontaneous romantic weekends away to just sitting on the couch playing video games.


This person wants a relationship where the two of you go on adventures together.

Renting a camper van and drive around Iceland for a month. I drove around Iceland for a month 2 years ago by myself and it would be awesome if I had someone that would be willing to do that with me again.


This person wants a relationship that has elements of excitement and comfort.

I was in a long-distance relationship a while ago and every time we got a long chunk of time to spend together (he'd have chunks of time between jobs where he'd just come stay with me for about a month at a time) it was really just a dream, because it had the comfort of a long term relationship, in that we knew each other so well and were completely on the same page, but the excitement of a new relationship because we didn't get to see each other all the time. So we were just so attentive and present with each other and really treasured every moment we got, and made a point of cooking together, going on cute mini-dates, having celebrations even if there wasn't really anything to celebrate, etc. He'd even come meet me at work, just so we could walk home together.
I'm not really sure if that can last in the long term when you're together full-time. Unfortunately the times when we weren't together eventually became too much to deal with, so we never got to find out.


This person wants a relationship where the two of you get swole together.

I want my SO to be my gym/fitness buddy. We'll work out together and cook each other healthy meals afterwards. Do fun, active, outdoorsy activities together on the weekends like biking and hiking and rock climbing.


This person wants a relationship where the two of you have plenty of time to spend together.

My dream relationship is almost like what I have now but I’d have more time with my boyfriend. We’ve been living together for 5 years and I see him for maybe a total of 8 hours a week if I’m lucky. It’s hard dating someone in law enforcement. We have lots of silly traditions, we take amazing vacations, we like the same hobbies, and we can talk about anything and everything.


This person wants a relationship where the two of you enjoy various interests together.

Just hang out and discuss passions and interests, watch tv, play board games, have sex, and do our own things but be in the same room. I like going out but not all the time.


This person wants a relationship where the two of you can enjoy all sorts of activities together.

Going out to dinner and getting cocktails then a walk outside afterward. Snow storm and rain walks. Movie marathons and netflix binge watches. Going to the library or bookstore and just hanging out, browsing. Going to Starbucks, using their wifi and drinking loads of coffee while we do work. Visiting some a small town and enjoying the quaintness of it while looking at all the shops. Going to concerts together and drinking beers in the summer. Smoking cigars when it's cool outside. Roaming around the mall, zoo, or art museum. Cooking food together. Getting breakfast before work or on the weekends.


After having read all of those, isn't it kind of awesome to see how different everyone's dream relationship is? Personally, a relationship where my boyfriend is trying to get me to run a marathon with him sounds like an absolute nightmare. But to each their own! There's someone out there for everyone.

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