The ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Working Title May Give A Major Clue About The Sequel’s Main Villain

by Ani Bundel
Warner Brothers

Of all the superhero films that the DC Extended Universe has in production currently, none is more anticipated than the sequel to Wonder Woman, last year's giant hit. While the film itself is not expected to hit theaters until late 2019, that doesn't mean fans are going to patiently wait a whole year for information. We need to know what's happening now! What's the title of Wonder Woman 2? Will the sequel bother with a love interest since Steve Trevor is dead? What time period will it be set in? Who is the bad guy?

We don't have an actual title yet, but with pre-production already underway and scripts floating about, we do have a rumor of the film's working title. A working title isn't necessarily the title of the film, but simply a placeholder while those in charge consider their options. It also can function as a code word for the film, to keep spoilers on the down low. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, for instance, was called "Incident on 57th Street" in order to keep fans from finding out details. The old school film Casablanca was called "Everybody Comes To Rick’s," which was actually considered for the film's title. The Avengers, on the other hand, was called "Group Hug," a snarky reference to the superheroes getting together for the first time.

Wonder Woman 2's working title, it turns out, might be in the latter category. It is currently being referred to as "Magic Hour."

Is this a jokey title? A random choice? Fans think it actually might tell us something about the plans for the upcoming film because the plans for the villain in this installment have also been revealed: Circe, who was one of Jenkins' villain ideas for the first film.

According to Omega Underground:

TheWrap’s Umberto Gonzalez originally mentioned that WB had been looking at Eva Green for the Circe role (before the role was revealed to be Dr. Posion) and Sean Bean for Ares (role confirmed), it’s possible they might circle back to Eva. There’s a good chance that the studio backtracked and wanted to save Circe for the sequel instead.

Sean Bean didn't take the Ares role. The part instead went to David Thewlis, aka Lupin from Harry Potter. But the report was right on the role for the film, and it's quite possible that Circe is being used for the sequel.

Who is Circe? And why would "Magic Hour" be a reference to her? Turns out, she's an immortal sorceress. (Naturally!)

Circe is an ancient, nearly immortal sorceress of incredible power. Over 1,200 years B.C., Circe was a princess of Colchis, but according to her own words, her subjects objected to her killing her weak husband. Driven out of the kingdom, she found refuge on a small island Aeaea and began to accumulate considerable magical power — but it was limited to the island.

Sounds not all that unlike Diana's home, Themyscira, except the evil villain version. One might see why Jenkins would want to pit Diana against this character — two women from islands: one who is trying to protect humanity and another who wants power over them.

One can also see why Warner Brothers might push for such a thing to be a sequel plot, as introducing several islands full of women at once could be confusing and overwhelming to a boardroom full of men. But as a sequel, where Diana discovers Themyscira is not the only hidden island out there full of powerful women? That makes a lot of sense.

Wonder Woman 2 will be arriving in theaters everywhere Nov. 1, 2019.