What's in the Shamrock Tea at Starbucks? Here's the deal on the secret menu sip.

This Shamrock Tea On The Starbucks Secret Menu Is A Twist On A Matcha Latte

With its St. Patrick's Day-inspired name, the latest Starbucks Secret Menu drink is practically screaming, "Sip me, I'm Irish!" Seriously, the new Shamrock Tea innovation will help you get in the spirit of the season. The festive drink features a gorgeous green hue that'll brighten up your Instagram, but what exactly is in the Shamrock Tea at Starbucks? The secret menu sip is a matcha green tea with a citrusy twist.

Thanks to the creative Starbucks enthusiasts at Totally The Bomb, you can enjoy the Starbucks Shamrock Tea any day of the year, including St. Patty's Day on Wednesday, March 17. Before ordering the sip from your local Starbucks, note that the secret menu item isn't an official Starbucks creation, so your barista won't know what a Shamrock Tea is off the bat. Instead, you'll need to tell your barista the ingredients. To start the Starbucks Shamrock Tea, you'll need a Starbucks Venti Matcha Green Tea Latte made with coconut milk (iced, hot, or blended). Then, ask for a splash of lemonade and two scoops of Starbucks' Vanilla Bean Powder, and have it mixed all together. The result is a citrus and vanilla twist on the OG Matcha Latte.

Unfortunately, the Starbucks app doesn't include the customizations you'll need to get the sip, so you'll have to order the drink in-person or from the drive-thru if you want to try the sip. If you're able, it's also good to add a little extra tip for the barista's effort with the customizations.


To help you keep the recipe straight,Totally The Bomb's official Starbucks secret menu TikTok @starbucksisbae also outlines the recipe in a video.

If the barista is too busy or can't get all your ingredients for the sip, you can also copy this secret menu Shamrock Tea at home. First, pour in TAZO's Green Tea Matcha Latte Concentrate or any other matcha blend. Add coconut milk and a splash of lemonade (or fresh lemon juice with sugar), vanilla bean powder or vanilla bean ice cream for a creamy twist, and you've got a Shamrock Tea you can sip without leaving the house.

When getting your Shamrock Tea at Starbucks, remember to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)as of Dec. 31. If you go out, wear a face mask at all times, practice social distancing from others, and wash or sanitize your hands after leaving the store. If you're making the drink at home, it's best to opt for delivery or curbside pickup for your ingredients. When receiving a delivery, throw away excess packaging and wash your hands before making your drink.

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