Sephora Collection's New Line Of Hair Products All Cost Less Than $15

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Over the past couple of months, I've been putting Sephora Collection's super affordable, clean skincare goodies to the test, and honestly? They're all pretty bomb. With that in mind, when I heard the company was dropping yet another new range at an equally budget-friendly price, I knew I needed to get my hands on what's in Sephora Collection's new hair line, like, ASAP. The small but mighty lineup features something for everyone, from your new fave go-to dry shampoo, to hair dye for those of us that want to change things up. Exciting stuff!

TBH, I had literally zero idea Sephora Collection was planning on dropping some new haircare goodies, so I was beyond shook when I saw a photo of some very aesthetically-pleasing products bearing the words Sephora Hair posted to the brand's Instagram. "We just released or first-ever, brand-new, gotta-have hair line," Sephora Collection's caption read. "Get your hair ready for its close-up—You’re about to win the Best Hair Ever Award," it continued. Each bottle or tube featured different fashion drawings of coffee cups, succulents, animals, et cetera. So cute! Real talk, we all know I'd buy these babies for a flatlay photo even if the formulas weren't that great.

Is that so wrong? I mean, these are seriously adorable:

Fortunately, it appears the formulas will be pretty great — plus, everything is under $15. What more could I ask for? The entire collection consists of four products: a Dry Shampoo ($12,, a Texturizing Spray ($14,, a Smoothing Cream ($14,, and a Semi-Permanent Hair Color ($12, That last one has me shook, TBH. Hair dye for just $12? I'm not mad, Sephora!

However, the Dry Shampoo definitely wins for best packaging, in my opinion:

I mean, how chic are those little coffee cups? And just like coffee helps me feel less tired in the AM, a spritz of dry shampoo helps me look more put-together, too, so I totally understand the inspo.

The Texturizing Spray bottle features a bevy of what I believe to be llamas. Sorry if you're alpacas!

If I'm honest, I don't think I could go a day without a good dry shampoo and texture spray combo. My dry shampoo helps my hair look clean, but my texturizer helps it look fresh, as in freshly styled, especially since I definitely don't have time to break out the hot tools every morning.

The other styling product is the Smoothing Cream, decorated with cacti and succulents:

I love that they chose the spikiest of cacti, as if to represent the "Before," on this smoothing product. Clever AF!

Last but not least, the Semi-Permanent Hair Dye will be available in three different hues, with chameleons to match each shade on the packaging:

The lineup includes "Psychic Pink," "Parisian Purple," and "Tenacious Teal," and the temporary dyes are said to last up to 10 washes. Not bad at all, if you ask me. Fingers crossed for a navy and maybe an orange soon, too! Any other ideas?

If you're into this lineup and want Sephora Collection to expand their new hair range, you can shop it all online or in store at your local Sephora. And FYI, if you notice I'm having a great hair day the next time you see me, these products are most likely why.

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