Lush's Christmas Collection Has Lots Of Festive Products, So Prepare For 1-Stop Holiday Shopping

Halloween and Thanksgiving have not yet come and gone, but here I am thinking about what's in Lush Cosmetics' Christmas Collection 2019 as if we're already well into the holiday season. Is that so wrong? I can't help it if I want to get my Christmas shopping done a little early this year! And it doesn't hurt that Lush's new line makes that so easy to do — with everything from bubble bars to shower scrubs, this year's Christmas range is one of their best, bar none.

Lush's Christmas Collection went live on the brand's U.S. website on October 15, and I've been scrolling and reading up on all the scents, shapes, and product types for hours. This line features a little bit of everything, from bath products like oil tablets and bubble bars to shower saviors like festive soaps and shower gels. There are also a ton of nourishing post-wash moisturizers to keep winter skin looking supple and feeling soft, from body conditioners to luxurious lotions. Basically, I'm willing to bet you could find a specific product for anyone and everyone on your shopping list this holiday season. Imagine that!

If I'm being totally honest, the product I'm most excited about this year is the Cookie Dough Shower Scrub ($20, How could I possibly resist?

Baking Christmas cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions, and this scrub's blend of vanilla absolute, hazelnut oil, and cocoa powder is right up my alley.

I mean, it even looks like real cookie dough, dontcha think?

Lush Cosmetics

Another product I've yet to try is the brand's Naked Body Conditioner, available this season in best-selling holiday scent Snow Fairy ($11,

The Body Conditioners are sort of like the Lush Massage Bars, except you're meant to apply them by swiping onto wet skin post-shower, so skin really reaps the moisturizing benefits. With cherry infusion, persian lime oil, and shea butter, this product's bubblegum and vanilla fragrance will keep you feeling soft and smelling sweet all season.

Looking for a good product to gift? I highly recommend the Yog Nog range, as everyone loves some glitzy gold! The Yog Nog Shower Gel ($11, is a great option with a gorgeous golden sheen:

As is the Yog Nog Bubble Bar ($10,, which smells of clove, ylang ylang, and gardenia:

BTW, as far as gifting goes, your most eco-friendly friends and family will really appreciate your decision to treat them to vegan, self-preserving products. If the packaging-free Naked picks don't strike you as great options, since you can't ~unwrap~ them like traditional Christmas gifts, you can always snag any of the festive, reusable Knot-Wraps in which to present your presents.

The festive Gnomes Knot Wrap ($6, is a personal fave:

However, the funky neon Giraffes Knot Wrap ($6, is great for branching out from the typical holiday color palette:

Skip the pricy, wasteful wrapping paper, and bless your friend with a Knot-Wrap he or she can use and reuse on the reg:

Lush Cosmetics

All the above and more are for sale within Lush's 2019 Christmas Collection. Ready to shop? Scope it all out on the Lush website now.