How You Show Off On Instagram, According To Your Zodiac Sign

In the age of social media, Instagram has become an alternate reality. It's a place where we can design our very own public persona that the rest of the world gets to see. No matter what your life is really like, Instagram allows you to project the life you want to have. While this can land people in a toxic spiral of obsessing over likes, comments, and follower counts, there’s no doubt Instagram has provided us all with a platform. Even the quietest voice can now reach thousands, if not millions of people, all through an app on their phone. How amazing is that? I know we’re all so used to this weird aspect of our society but if you take a minute to think about it, Instagram is a mind-blowing feat. What you post on it can say so much about who you are, and what your Instagram looks like, according to your zodiac sign, will probably make so much sense.

Whether you use Instagram to market your business, connect with friends, waste some time, or even make your life seem way cooler than it really is, the image you project says so much about how you see yourself and how you’d like to be seen. This is why it’s also a good idea to read what your rising sign says about your Instagram presence as well, considering how rising signs are all about how you navigate your public personality.

Read on to see how you make waves on the Explore page:


If you're an Aries, you probably use Instagram to document all the legendary, groundbreaking things you're doing. You always like being the first to accomplish something and the minute you do, you take to Instagram to announce it. Your feed looks like you're always winning at something, always conquering new endeavors, and your followers envy you for it.


I bet your Instagram page is full of mouthwatering images of food, Taurus. If not, it's definitely full of photos of you treating yourself. New outfit? You make an #outfitoftheday post. Day trip to the spa? Have a #livingmybestlife post. Your followers probably wish they were as good at self care as you.


You probably use Instagram more for the captions than the actual photos themselves. Whenever an interesting thought pops into your head, you'll articulate it through an Instagram post accompanied by the perfect photo to accentuate your point. Your followers love you for your unique personality that shines through your feed.


If you're a Cancer, you probably use Instagram to write tons of adoring posts about your friends and loved ones. Whenever it's someone's birthday, it's you who makes a long and sweet post dedicated to them. Your followers think of you as a bleeding heart full of love, hoping that you'll write a post about them sooner or later.


Your Instagram is probably full of gorgeous selfies and photos of you with all your many friends, Leo. You probably post often and appear to be living a super star lifestyle every day. You love Instagram for how many compliments you receive through it and you likely have a ton of loyal followers who think of you as #goals.


If you're a Virgo, I guarantee your Instagram feed has a theme and a focus. You use Instagram to get a point across and you work hard to organize a feed that your followers can rely on for quality content. You probably go back and edit posts quite often, wanting everything to be absolutely perfect. Your followers are die-hard fans and would never unfollow you.


If you're a Libra, your Instagram is likely patterned, organized, and aesthetically pleasing beyond belief. Beauty is your main concern when cultivating your social media image and you probably go back and admire your colorful feed often. Your followers see you as put-together and graceful, someone they get inspiration from when designing their own feeds.


Your Instagram does not shy away from intensity, Scorpio. You might over-share personal details about your life or unapologetically declare your beliefs about something. Your photos are full of emotional meaning, both on the bright side of life and the dark. Your followers see you as someone who knows exactly who they are, without shame, and they love you for it.


If you're a Sagittarius, your Instagram makes it look like you're on an adventure that never ends. If your feed isn't full of wanderlust-inducing travel photos, it's likely filled with images of you trying new things every day. You probably also write a lot of uplifting captions, making your Instagram a page your followers rely on for positive reinforcement.


You use Instagram to document all your hard work, Capricorn. No matter what type of career you have or what hobbies you're interested in, you make time to post photos of yourself at work, making your dreams come true. Your posts are about your struggles as much as your rewards. Your followers love watching you grow every day.


Your Instagram is a testament to what a unique individual you are, Aquarius. Your posts are unlike those of any other Instagram. In fact, you may have discovered a new way to use Instagram altogether. You also probably talk a lot about the vision you have for the world and how we can change it for the better. Your followers are inspired to be embrace their true self when they see your posts.


I bet your Instagram feed is one long, maybe even strange daydream, Pisces. Your photos are probably mind-blowing and creative, making your feed a work of art in and of itself. The captions you write are thought-provoking and beautiful. Your followers are transported to a different reality when they see your posts, wondering how you have access to such a beautiful perspective of life.