Women Reveal What They Love Most About Their Partner & I'm Not Crying, You Are

by Candice Jalili

All right, I'm going to get a little sappy here so brace yourselves. I didn't know what I was looking for in a partner until I met my current boyfriend. And once I did, it just felt unequivocally right. Being with him felt comfortable and easy, like I was with a guy I could depend on and have fun with. But that's what I want. What women want in a partner will, of course, vary from person to person, one thing's for sure: When you find it, it always feels wonderful.

In a recent Reddit thread, women shared how they know themselves that they loved their partner — that their partner was everything they wanted. While everyone's experience is different, read along and see if you relate to any of these women's experiences.

It's clear they're compatible with each other.

We're both just so compatible. There's so much base level chemistry and attraction. We talk forever. I can't stop looking at his face. I love the way he eats, and sleeps, and breathes. I like that I motivate him. I like taking care of him. I like the way he talks to me and makes me feel so important. I love that we have the same kinks, and we're both responsible for each others' first orgasms during sex. I love that he prioritizes his health, and we have the same eating habits. I love that he wants a family with me someday. I love that he said nearly a month into dating me that he wanted to buy me a house, and that we were both so sure of each other from the get-go. I love that we are each other's sidekicks, best friends, and we communicate about everything. I love that we both understand mental illness and have a level of patience and solidarity with each other that I don't think either of us has had before. In all my other relationships I was always hesitant, knowing that maybe there's something better out there. I was spellbound from the moment I met him. I think I found my better.


In addition to all of the other wonderful things, her partner makes her feel "incredible."

Because they’re wonderful. Talented. Smart. Caring. Compassionate. Hilarious. Warm. Selfless. Genuine. Confident. Sexy. Good natured. Laid back. Easy to be around. Comforting.
And that’s in addition to how they make me feel (incredible) and what they do for me (make my life 1000x more amazing).


Her partner's clingy, but in a good way.

He's reliable and resourceful and determined and handsome and loyal and nerdy and socially awkward and caring and gentle and stable and honest and trustworthy and dorky and a bit clingy.


Her partner supports her through her depression.

He's my rock. I have these depression moments and sometimes just cry out of nowhere, I get overwhelmed and my anxiety kicks me the hardest; he doesn't know really what to do sometimes and I know there really isn't anything that can help me when I get like that but he does try his absolute best to comfort me. He's there when I really need him in every aspect. I'm very blessed and grateful.


This woman's partner is her own personal superhero.

He has a personality like Captain America. It’s the best way to sum him up.
I adore him. He’s so loyal and caring and clever. He pours so much of himself into making sure others are safe and taken care of.
He is precious and rare person. He tries harder than anyone I know to make the world a better place for those around him.


She and her partner share the same values.

Because his values line up with mine. Because he is well-read and likes words, just as I do. Because he is even-tempered and doesn't have much of a temper. Because he and I never lack for anything to talk about. These are just some of the reasons I love him.


She and her partner just get along perfectly.

He's perfect for me. I've never gotten along with anyone else so well. Whatever I need he's fine with and visa versa. And I know he loves me the same way. We've been madly in love since we first started dating and it only gets stronger.He's sweet and funny and kind and all those things that make someone wonderful.


Her partner's been there for her forever.

He’s the only person I’ve been able to count on my entire life. He’s always there, and he never lets me down. He pushes me to be the beat version of myself, but he also calms me down and encourages me when I feel like a pile of crap. And he’s an amazing, selfless husband and father.


Her partner shows everyone close to him a ton of care.

I love him because he’s not just a wonderful boyfriend to me but also a great friend to everybody else. Although he cares deeply about me I can tell how much he loves his friends and would do anything for them. He doesn’t just prioritize me, he prioritizes his family, friends, etc. A SO that ignores his friends for you is a bad sign and that is the complete opposite of how mine is. I love hearing him talk about what him and his friends do. A good connection with friends and family is important to me, not just having a good connection with me.


Her partner is a jack of all trades.

He works so hard at everything he does and he’s good at, like everything. His job, sticking to workout/diet plans with me, his hobbies, planning trips, taking pictures, comforting me when I’m upset, being patient, giving advice to everyone, finding solutions to problems...he’s got drive and he’s mature, responsible, funny and so affectionate. I’m going to husband him up soon!


Her partner is incredibly trustworthy.

I think it boils down to this...I love my fiance because I trust him. I trust him to be able to talk with me, I trust him to have fun with, I trust that he will at least try to laugh at my jokes, I trust him to not judge my thoughts and feelings....I just trust him.


Her partner is not just her lover; he's her best friend.

At the end of the day, he's my best friend and he makes me laugh. Can he be annoying, messy, and irresponsible? Sure, but when we joke around it makes up for all of that :) also he can be pretty sweet sometimes.



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