14 Women Reveal The Details That Randomly Turn Them On During Sex & They're Hot

Any normal day would find me and my girlfriends talking about our sex lives in some capacity. The conversation usually goes along the lines of what their partner did, what they didn't do, and if they liked it. But today, my internet friends, is not a normal day. For the purposes of revealing deeper truths about what turns women on, I got real with my ladies. Interestingly, after sharing their quirks and kinks, almost everyone mused if their random turn-ons made them a total weirdos.

Here's the thing. We all have our preferences about everything in life, and none of them are wrong. You're not a flawed human being if you don't like coffee, gag at the thought of a really stinky blue cheese, or can't get down with oysters. You and I might not be very culinarily compatible, but that doesn't make you a bad person and I would still love to be your friend. What you like and what you don't like makes you specifically and wonderfully you. So let's get to the good good and buckle up - because the gals delivered.

When You're In Too Much Of A Hurry To Take Your Clothes Off
There's something so hot about when you're making out and rushing to have sex and can't be bothered to take your clothes off. I love it when a guy just pulls my underwear to the side and we go at it. Obviously it's not an everyday sort of sex to have, but it makes me feel like this guy would break down a door to get to me and I'm into that.

- Blair*, 25

When He Picks Me Up
My boyfriend and I have been together forever and we kind of have our routine, but every now and then he'll just pick me up and literally hold me while we're having sex. Kinda like a koala climbing a tree. Are koalas hot? I don't know but when he does that I feel like a sexy koala.

- Mira*, 29

When You Have To Be Quiet Because Parents
Do I love visiting my husband's parents? Nope. But I love having sex in their house because my huz and I have to be really quiet and there's something that feels taboo about doing it under their roof. Maybe that's why my husband wants to visit them so often!

- Melissa, 33

When He Suddenly Gets Fresh
I like it when my partner will smack my butt or lightly slap my face out of nowhere. I don't like rough sex, but if we're having sex and the vibe is fairly chill, a surprise smack gives me such a jolt and I love that. And for anyone thinking to give this one a shot, not everyone loves it, sometimes I don't even like it so I guess I'd say... just read the room first.

- Rachel*, 27

When She Plays With My Hair
When I'm going down on my girlfriend, she'll hold my hair back but not just in a 'let me help you out here' [way] but in a 'I'm playing with your hair because I love it and you love it' kind of way. We both usually have hair ties on our wrists but just giving me one or even putting my hair up for me would be transactional. This is affectionate and feels so sexy.

- Nikki*, 27

When He Puts His Forehead on Mine During Sex
You're not always kissing when you're having sex, right? My guy does this thing that's insanely sweet - sometimes he presses his forehead against mine during sex and it feels like even more of a connection than a smooch does. Like our brains are USB plugged into each other, we're the only two people in the world and it really sends me [to a happy place].

- Emma*, 34

When He Doesn't Care About My Period
The first time I hooked up with a guy I ended up dating for a long time, my period was just ending. It was basically gone, but I was paranoid and also trying to avoid any awkwardness if it had suddenly come back, so I told the guy and he did not give AF. I was like, 'Who is this guy?! Yes!' I think that was mostly hot because I was feeling a little self-conscious and once he reacted that way I suddenly clicked into sexy mode.

- Meagan, 31

When You Get Right To It
I usually think - foreplay, yay! But sometimes you just want it and you want it now and you just skip all the preamble stuff. I think I like this because it feels so primal and also doesn't give you any time for your mind to wander and get distracted. Getting right to business makes me feel super desired.

- Olivia*, 32

When He Knows How To Use His Hands
I'm incredibly impressed when a man knows how to use his hands. If he can get me off with just his hands and also has the patience to do that and isn't rushing to actually have sex with me, I find that incredibly sexy. I also like this because it's really rare and guys? Please study up on this.

- Heather, 29

When Your Boobs Get Some TLC
I have really big boobs and usually a partner kind of hangs onto them during sex, which is fun and great to be grabby grabby, but I'll never forget one woman who only paid attention to my nipples and that drove me crazy. Good crazy! It was like she wasn't distracted by the rest of my boobs and knew exactly what to do. I miss her."

- Sophie*, 30

When You Leave Some Article Of Clothing On

I'm the opposite of the never-nude type. I genuinely forget to cover myself up, I'm so not self-aware and not insecure that I'll wander around the house making a coffee and having conversations with people and don't realize I'm completely naked. But sometimes during sex, keeping some clothes on is a huge turn-on. Maybe because it's a contrast to what feels normal to me, that having something on feels special? Whatever it is, it works for me.

- Angela*, 34

When I'm Not In Control
I'm a total control person, I like to have all the information, [and] I like to know where everyone is and what everyone's doing, so I find it really hot when I'm not in control during sex. Not necessarily submissive, but more like letting my partner dictate positions, pace, and just kind of run the show. I think it's so different from what I feel and do all day long that it feels extra special and hot. It's like my husband is taking care of business and I can relax.

- Carla*, 32

When He Joins Me In The Shower
I love shower sex. Not like, planned shower sex, but more like when my boyfriend and I are getting ready for the day and we know there's a time we have to be certain places but it just happens and suddenly we're doing it. I love the unexpectedness of it, but also because it's in the shower."

- Kaitlyn*, 25

When We Talk Logistics
This might be so strange, but I find it super hot when my boyfriend and I carry on a regular conversation during sex. Like, what do we want for lunch, how the day went, or something totally mundane. Like, tell me about your to-do list. Hot! I might be a total weirdo but something about the contrast of being super intimate and just chatting about normal bullsh*t really does it for me.

- Annie, 32

* Name has been changed.

Clearly sexual preferences span a wide range. Whether you're partial to a loving face smush with your partner or really dig leaving your T-shirt on, just remember it's absolutely normal to have quirky turn-ons. Sharing them with your partner will only make sex better for everyone involved.

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