How To Accessorize For St. Patrick's Day If You Don't Own Any Green

St. Patrick's day is oh-so-close. Soon enough, you and your friends can spend a day dressed in green, dancing to festive music, and getting your drinking on (if you're 21 and over, of course). Green food and drinks will be flowing and fun party times are near. But what if you don't have anything green in your closet? It's certainly possible. Green isn't everyone's cup of tea, and while it is very common, there are plenty of people scrambling around for a piece of this festive color. If this is you, you're probably wondering what to wear on St. Patrick's Day.

If you don't want to go out and buy a whole outfit or shirt, since that can end up being pricey in the long run, definitely go out and look for something green and inexpensive. You don't have to stick to silly clichés either, like shirts with "Drinks Well With Others" on it. You can venture out, purchase a couple of small accessories, and you're set. There aren't rules on what you have to wear that's green, just as long as you have something, you'll be in the spirit. So from makeup to socks or headbands, the choices are endless. If anybody even dares to look at you to pinch, flash them your green item. No pinching for you this year. *high five*

This Fluffy Green Feather Boa Is Chic AF

Green Feather Boa, $4, Claire's

If you want to add a fun touch of green this year without going too far, get yourself this chic boa. Yeah, it's feathery and might get everywhere (probably), but it'll make a great statement for any party plans. Plus, your pictures are going to be so sweet.

A Green Bandana Is Always A Good Idea
Forever 21

Paisley Print Bandana, $4, Forever 21

Want to wear a touch of green while also being super cool and hip? A bandana is definitely the way to go. Wear it around your neck, or tie it in your hair in a bow. However you decide to rock it this St. Patrick's Day, this will be a cute look and won't make your wallet want to cringe.

A Festive Headband Will Look So Cute In Pictures

Green Multilayer Shamrock Tinsel Headband, $4 (SALE), Claire's

You can always count on Claire's to sell the best holiday accessories, and this year is no different. Their site features a ton of stuff to choose from if you want more subtle headbands. But if you want to go all out with your accessories, this masterpiece is a great place to start to add a little sparkle and shine to your look.

A Fanny Pack For All Of Your Shenanigans
American Eagle

AEO Nylon Belt Bag, $25, American Eagle

Fanny packs are so in, don't even fight on this one. Especially if you want to go out in the afternoon, this is a good, yet useful, accessory to store all of your stuff in. It also leaves you hands-free for all of that green beer you'll want to have (or Shamrock Shakes, if you're under 21).

Fishnet Gloves That'll Spice Up Your Manicure
Party City

Green Fishnet Glovelettes, $2, Party City

Remember when arm socks were the coolest thing to have? No one ever called them "glovelettes," but that doesn't take away from the fact that they were hot commodities. This St. Patrick's Day, bring them back in style while also avoiding getting pinched. It's a win, win situation all around.

These Green Eyelashes Are Set To Sparkle
Amazon / Eforcase

Shiny Long and Thick Exaggerated False Eyelashes Extension for Women Girls Cosplay Fancy Ball Halloween (Green), $9, Amazon

If you want to embrace that glam look, try these green false eyelashes. Falsies will not only add a fancy look to your eye makeup, but they'll also give you that pop of green you've been wanting. Being an amateur at putting false eyelashes isn't a reason to stay away from these. It'll be good practice, and these sparkly babies will look amazing in your St. Pat's Day selfies.

This Green Cap Is Perfect For The Parade

Washed Solid Vintage Distressed Cotton Dad Hat, $11, Walmart

A green hat is great for when you want more than a little something. This one is cute and distressed, so it'll be easy to wear again later on. Forward, backward, you name it, and this baseball cap is here to celebrate at the parade.