This Is The One Perfect Text To Send After An Amazing Date

You just had an incredible first date. Maybe you two actually connected, Maybe you had flowing conversation, felt a spark, and maybe even shared a goodnight kiss. But you don't know what you should do next or what to text after a great date. You could be racking your brain over the perfect message to encapsulate the good time you shared and show you're interested in seeing that person again, while still appearing cool instead of clingy.

This dilemma is real. You don't want to appear over-eager, but you for sure want to convey that there is interest there. You wonder how long you should wait before sending something, what emojis to use (if any!), and if they're even freaking out over what to send to you, too.

I spoke to Diana Dorell, an intuitive dating coach, on what to send after a great first date, because knowing exactly what to say is hard. She recommends you text the person you went out with with the following:

Thank you so much for a wonderful time! I had so much fun with you!

She explains that this text keeps it "light" and "positive" — definitely the vibe you should be going for after a good first date.

Dorell says that you can use emojis along with the suggested text.

"I think [emojis] are fine, but if they start to replace using actual words, then it's a problem, and also a sign that the person isn't a great communicator."

A little smile emoji won't hurt anybody, so feel free to throw that in. Or reference your date with an emoji, too — a coffee mug, beers clinking for a cheers, or whatever makes sense from your time together.

"The most important thing is to convey that you enjoyed their company," she says. "You don't have any expectations of, 'Are we getting together again? When?!' which makes them even more inclined to ask you out."

Dorell advises that you send this text the morning after your date. "Not first thing, but like mid-morning," she says. "[It] shows you have manners but also aren't desperate." As such, Dorell says it's best not to send that text on your way home from the date or right before bed.

And if it's someone you already knew before going out with them for the first time? Dorell says you can use that same text for them, too. She says the point is to "convey your interest and open up the door for future communication."

So, be bold, take initiative, and send that text that shows you had a great time with them. Hopefully, it'll start up a conversation between you and that person, and that one perfect text will seal the deal for date number two.

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