12 Women Reveal What They'd Say To The Ex That Changed Their Life & They're Intense

Lauren Naefe, Stocksy

Whether we like to admit it or not, our exes were people who once played very important roles in our lives. And seeing them again can often be an opportunity to let out everything you left unsaid. If you're wondering what to say to your ex who changed your life, you're not alone! Figuring out what to say to someone who affected your life so profoundly — whether it be in a positive or negative way — can be nerve-wracking. That being said, a dozen brave and eloquent women took to Reddit's AskWomen thread today to share the things they would say if and when they ever see their exes again. Read along and prepare to get seriously inspired.

She'd Tell Him She Wants Him To Be Happy
It wasn't my fault, it wasn't your fault, we just weren't right for each other. We did make a couple of beautiful babies, and our grandchildren make it worth it all. Stay well, and be happy.


She Wishes It Would Have Worked Out
I truly wish it had been our time, and I will forever hold what we had near and dear in my heart.


She'd Keep It Casual
I'd say, "Hey, long time no see."


She'd Thank Him Foe Showing Her Real Love
Thank you for showing me what real love from a guy should be like.(I was the one who messed up in that relationship, and subsequently dated a**holes until my current boyfriend :))


She'd Thank Him For All The Pain He Put Her Through
I'd thank him for teaching me a valuable lesson. He taught me that you can do everything in the world to help someone, give them all of your money and they'll still disrespect you and treat you like sh*t. hard lesson to learn and I'm still upset about it, but I'm trying really hard to not be as bitter about it. and now I probably wouldn't date someone who was in such a different place in their life to me.


She'd Keep Her Message Short And Not-So-Sweet
F*ck you


She'd Take Him Off His Pedestal
Three words... YOU AINT SH*T. Then ask why he felt the need to cheat. I done did everything for that lil boy. The disrespect is unreal.


She'd Ask How He's Doing
Well, my ex reached out a couple of months ago to apologize to me, and now we occasionally talk. I pity him."Are you okay?" Is what I would say - and what I do say from time to time.Apparently I'm the only person on this planet whom he trusts.


She'd Get Real About How She Feels About His New Bae
I wish you were the one before you chose her


Despite The Hurt He Caused, She'd Still Wish Him Happiness
You hurt me in ways you can't even imagine. But it's ok. Hope you're happy.


She'd Have A Pretty Unconventional Question To Ask
I want you to always be a part of my life. When we dated it was great, but I love our friendship so much. Yo mean the world to me. Would you be my maid of honor?(We are still friends and keep in semi-regular contact)


Now, before we wrap up this article, let me make one thing super clear: You are by no means obligated to ever see your ex again. You don't owe them any sort of explanation. Seeing them again and saying anything to them is a voluntary task that you're more than welcome to do if you so please.