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14 Things To Pack For A Disney Cruise Along With Your Whosits & Whatsits


There are cruises, and then, there are Disney cruises. There's something so magical about sailing the high seas with all your favorite characters that makes it a must-do for any Disney lover. It's not just the characters you can expect to see, though. There's also delicious food, adventurous ports of call, and spectacular entertainment. So if you have a vacation planned, you may be wondering what to pack for a Disney cruise so you don't over or under-pack.

Toiletries and essentials aside, what are the things you need to bring to make your vacation as smooth sailing as possible? Formal wear, Instagram-worthy outfits, and beach necessities are a given, but there are also some things that are specific to Disney, like pirate wear for a Pirate Night deck party and Disney-inspired door decorations to make your room festive.

There's no need to stare at your suitcase any longer, wondering what to put in it. All you need to do is follow this packing list of 14 items that will help make your Disney adventure even more special and picture-perfect. That way, all you need to focus on when you get on the boat is to head straight to the buffet, snap a cute pic with Mickey, and relax in the most Hakuna Matata way.

Something Fun For Formal Night And Posing With Disney Characters
Rachel Chapman

On every cruise, there's always one formal night where everyone can dress in their best. It's always fun to have an excuse to dress up. The Disney characters will also be wearing their best outfits, so you'll want to snap an Insta-worthy pic with them.

Beachwear For Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is Disney's private island in the Bahamas, and if your itinerary includes stopping there, you definitely need to pack your best beachwear for pics. Snag one of the hammocks on the beach, where you can lounge by the water and order fruity drinks. It's such a picturesque destination that you'll want to make sure you're camera-ready with your cutest swimsuit, sunnies, and beach hat.

A Band Or Patches For Motion Sickness

Even if you do well on most boats, it's not uncommon to feel a little seasick at first on a cruise ship. Of course, you should be as prepared as possible, so do your own research in advance just in case to decide what to bring.

Extra Organization For Your Stateroom

Even though there's a lot of storage in your room, it always helps to bring even more. Consider packing a door hanging organizer (, $10) with lots of pockets for storing your things. You won't believe how useful it will be.

An Outfit For Pirate Night
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On most Disney cruises, there's a Pirate Night that includes a themed dinner and deck party. Bring an outfit that fits the occasion. It doesn't have to be a full-on costume, but something simple like a red bandana (, $34) and a pirate-like crop top (, $18) will do the trick.

A Backpack Filled With Port Day Essentials

On days where you're at port and planning to embark on an excursion, you need a good bag or backpack that's able to hold all your essentials for the day. It should fit your water bottle, chargers, wallet, and more. A convertible backpack like this one from BÉIS (, $78) is both stylish and functional.

A Small Bag To Wear Around The Ship

When you're on the ship, you won't need to carry a big bag everywhere. Invest in a small crossbody bag (, $19) or stylish fanny pack (, $19) to carry with the essentials such as your phone, tissues, and chapstick.

One Or Two Sweaters To Always Be Comfy

Even if it's warm outside, the inside of the boat may get a bit chilly. If you tend to be more on the colder side, bring a cute sweater or two to wear on sea days.

A Chic Lanyard For Your "Key To The World" Card

The most important thing will be your Key to the World card. That's what Disney calls your room card. It'll also be what you use to purchase anything on the boat. It's pretty important, so you'll want to get a chic lanyard (, $13) to carry it around with you that'll match all of your outfits.

Disney Door Decor
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On a Disney cruise, a lot of people like to decorate their doors. If you want to get in on the fun and make your room festive, bring some cute Disney magnets (, $10) to stick on the front. It'll make finding your room easier, too.

Comfortable Shoes For Port Days

You'll want a mix of shoes for sea days and port days. If you plan to be adventurous with your excursions, pack comfy sneakers (, $40). Then, for days when you're on the boat relaxing, bring comfy sandals.

A Portable Phone Charger

Nowadays, a portable phone charger is almost just as necessary as your keys and wallet. Even though you won't have cell service on the boat, you'll still be using your phone to snap pictures and check the time, so make sure it always has juice by bringing a portable charger.

A Refillable Cup

Staying hydrated on the boat is key. You'll enjoy a lot of delicious treats at the many buffets, but you also need to drink water. Bring a refillable cup (, $10) or water bottle (, $18), and fill up anytime you see a drink station on the boat.

Lots Of Sunscreen

Pack as much sunscreen as possible. You'll need it for days on the boat when you're lounging on the top deck, and when you're off in a port exploring. The more sunscreen, the better.