How To Quickly Change The Game In Your 20s When You're Bored & Just Need A Little Change

When I was younger, I always thought that "peak adulting" would be when I finally established a total routine for myself. I'd wake up early in the morning, head to the gym, come home to eat breakfast, get ready for my day, head off to work, come home, make dinner, and go to bed — then I'd do it all over again the next day. Although routine can be wonderful for my productivity, it can get redundant doing the same thing over and over again every single day. You might be in the same boat as me, so here's what to do when you're bored and want change, because variety truly is the spice of life.

Whether you decide to do something as basic as changing the flavor of tea you brew for yourself every night, or do something a little more spontaneous like taking a vacation day to go on a last-minute road trip with your bestie, switching out parts of your routine can really make a difference. It adds freshness and variation to your everyday life.

If you've been feeling like you're maybe stuck in a rut and it's time for a change, consider trying out some of these things.

Take A Spontaneous Trip With Your Bestie
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Nothing helps you switch up your routine quite like a spontaneous trip, and who better to go on one with than your BFF? Even if the two of you just decide to play hooky for a day and drive out to the next town over for some shopping, pics at an adorable café, and lunch at the trendiest spot you can find, a spontaneous trip can be exactly what you need to press the reset button.

Tweak Your Morning Commute
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I'm all for a morning routine (I follow mine pretty much to a T every single day), but sometimes it can get a little repetitive doing the same exact thing every morning. Your morning routine is so important, because it sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Instead of going to the same coffee shop you normally do, try a different one (or even the same one in a different location). You can also take a different route on the way to work, or make yourself something different for breakfast to add a little variety to your daily routine.

Set A New Ritual For Yourself
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Whether you spend at least 10 minutes a night on the phone with your parents to check in, or brew yourself tea before you go to bed, rituals are part of what makes your life feel routine and comfortable.

If you're looking for a way to change things up, start a new ritual for yourself. Try out a new yoga class, find a new hobby, or maybe even do something as simple as changing the flavor of the tea you make every night. It will make your sacred ritual times feel a little fresher.

Switch Up Your Workout Routine

One thing you might do regularly is go to the gym, and though having a workout routine is definitely a great part of your lifestyle, you can get a little bored if you go to the same gym at the same time every single day.

If you have a gym membership or go to fitness class chains, try going to a different location to get a different vibe for your workout and potentially meet new people. Or maybe take a boot camp class instead of your usual spin class to work out in a different way.

Enjoy Some Time In The Great Outdoors
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Spending time outside is a wonderful way for you to completely reset. I'm someone who works from home, and I often go a couple days without leaving my apartment. Getting outside and just breathing fresh air does wonders for me and helps me totally unwind. If you spend a majority of your time indoors, try to work some time outside into your weekly routine.

Go On A Digital Detox
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I'm the first person to admit that I can be obsessed with my phone — so much so that I get "phantom notifications" (when I think my phone buzzed but it actually didn't). Something I'd like to do more, and I think other people can also benefit from, is to just turn off my phone every once in a while.

Getting rid of your electronic devices, even if it's just for a few hours a week, can help you really live in the moment, and can encourage you to try new things to fill the space in your schedule that would otherwise be filled with scrolling through social media.