You Will Be Creeped The F Out By The Billie Eilish Song Featured In The New 'AHS' Teaser

The new American Horror Story trailer for Season 9 has dropped, along with a name for the season: 1984. The moody trailer totally fits the 1980s vibe of the title. But besides a few spooky shots of a girl running through a summer camp while being chased by a slasher, the trailer doesn't offer many more details about the new series. Sure, fans can see that the characters are in the woods, and that the murderer has scraggly hair and hood on, and that the weapon of choice is a big knife. But besides that, the specifics are pretty fuzzy. There is one thing that fans know for sure, and that's the song in the AHS Season 9 teaser.

Indie pop star Billie Eilish provides the score for the teaser trailer with her her haunting song "Six Feet Under." Right off the bat, the title of the song perfectly fits the theme of American Horror Story, since the show usually involves quite a bit of murder and bodies tend to get buried six feet below the ground. But, besides that, the song is slow and emotional and doesn't seem to fit the violence of the slasher-inspired teaser. The song plays as the girl runs through the woods, but the romantic music sounds like it might pair better with a sunny music video than American Horror Story. You can check it out yourself below:

Even though "Six Feet Under" is a romantic-sounding song, its lyrics actually make a lot of sense when you think about American Horror Story. The lyrics point to some darker ideas:

Help, I lost myself again/ But I remember you/ Don't come back, it won't end well/ But I wish you'd tell me too/ Our love is six feet under/ I can't help but wonder/ If our grave was watered by the rain/ Would roses bloom?/ Could roses bloom/ Again?

The lyrics talk about death and lost love, which are some pretty dark topics and are right at home in American Horror Story. "Six Feet Under" highlights the heavy emotions that are a part of the series. Ryan Murphy, who created American Horror Story, loves to use music to help set the mood in his projects, and he's said before that he likes to focus on the feelings his stories evoke. In fact, Murphy told Collider, "With a lot of [horror stories], when you put them through a prism of sexuality and emotionality, they become more interesting."

While the teaser trailer and its music evoke the eery tone of slasher movies, the title of the Season 9 also has a literary allusion. 1984 is the name of George Orwell's dystopian novel, which is set in that year. In the novel, the government figure Big Brother watches over everyone and controls the country using fascist techniques. Since Season 9 of American Horror Story is called 1984, there's a good chance that the new season will incorporate some sci-fi themes from Orwell's novel. There aren't any details about the plot yet, but hopefully another teaser trailer will get released soon to provide some more hints.

American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere on FX this fall.