What Makes Guys Respond On Tinder?Guys Reveal The One Thing That Will Always Make Them Answer

At this point, just about everyone and their mom has, was, or is trying to meet someone on a dating app. And sometimes when it comes down to connecting with someone who catches your eye, it can be tricky to figure out the best way to approach them to get a positive response. Although there is no way to make guys respond on Tinder if they aren't interested, there are some ways to give yourself the best chance to at least get the ball rolling.

The toughest part about trying to meet men via dating apps is that unfortunately, they have only a handful of things to go off of before deciding if it's worth their time to pursue someone further. The first step in this process is getting a match to respond favorably to your attempts to make conversation or visa versa. Because they have access to such a limited amount of personal information, it's safe to say that pretty much everything about your profile and communication style is going to be scrutinized. Even though most of us are probably Tinder experts by default thanks to our low-key swiping addictions, it never hurt to get some advice straight from the horse's mouth on what factors play into a guy's responsiveness on dating apps.

For These Guys, It's The Whole Package

Good looking pictures, a profile narrative that’s well written and entertaining, interests we have in common, and no red flags.


Things that get noticed on your profile: anything kind of funny, your Interests, fave things to do, maybe goals. Also your picture is the most important - make sure you look good, dress well/inviting and take some care on your appearance. Finally - make sure your settings include everyone you want to capture.


For These Guys, It's Mostly About The Looks

To be honest, men and I think women too, look at the looks. I personally don't write someone who I don't want to have anything to do with in the first place. (my tactic is to like everyone) so maybe choose the right photos, or make a different bio. Just watch out. There are many people who just want a one night stand or something.


For This Guy, It's Someone Who's Their Most Authentic Self

Lauren Naefe/Stocksy
Here is what you do. Don't. This isn't a fucking game that you are trying to win. I know, I know, it's on your phone and you feel like the most responses you get the closer you are to going up a level in the game but I'm gonna tell you about a cool life hack to win at the game of life instead. Be your fucking self. If people don't like who you are, it was never going to work out anyway. Say for instance you respond to every with a seriously nerdy Star Trek pun... maybe, "You are hotter than Picard's Earl Grey." Let's say you find that line hilarious (it is BTW) and you send it to all the people you want to ENGAGE with and only 2% of them reply. It's still the right 2% for you.
Stop trying to win. Start trying to connect with people who connect on your level. I mean this with all seriousness. If you like to start with a joke, start with a joke. If you like to give a basic, "Hi my name is TeenyTiny, and I think you sound fascinating" go ahead and say that.
You are an amazing and unique person who deserver someone who gets the amazing and unique parts of who you are.


For This Guy, It's All About An Attraction

I feel like it’s pretty similar to reasons women won’t bother messaging guys back. If there’s not an attraction no amount of personality really makes up for it. I’d rather not waste someone’s time by hoping attraction develops.
I’d suggest updating pictures and perhaps looking up some online dating profile tips.


There you have it folks. You can definitely help yourself out by having some flattering photos and a bio that communicates a bit of humor/personality. Oftentimes, whether or not you hear back from a Tinder guy has more to do with whether or not they find you attractive based mostly on your photos. But as barsmart said, it's the people who are into you that matter — forget about the ones that aren't.

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