You'll Blush At This List Of 6 People Revealing The Sexiest Things About Their Partners

There are surely things that are generally universally agreed upon to be sexy, like a passionate kiss. But I wondered if there are unique characteristics that make a person sexy that vary from person to person. For me, one of the sexiest things about another person is usually their laugh. It can build on my attraction to someone when their laugh draws me in even more.

For most people I talked to, their immediate reaction to me asking what they find sexiest about their partner was to list off all of their favorite intangible qualities about their partner: their ambition, kindness, and the way they make them feel. But when it came to the qualities they found sexiest in their partner, that seemed to take a little bit more thinking on their end. It appeared harder to pinpoint one specific physical quality their partner possesses that they deemed sexiest.

Honestly, some of their responses made me audibly "aw" over how thoughtful their statements about their partner's "sexiness" had more to do with who they are as a person, as well. Read on for some of my favorite anecdotes.

Josephine*, 24, loves one specific part about her girlfriend's face.

"I love her dimples," she tells Elite Daily. "They are so cute and light up my world when she laughs. They spread joy when she meets other people and that is sexy to me! They better be hereditary, because I want my little kiddos to have them, too!"

Maura, 21, thinks the sexiest thing about her boyfriend is his hands.

"They tell a story about what kind of work that person has been through in their life, yet they’re often the part of the body that comforts, caresses, holds, and protects," she tells Elite Daily.

Sandra*, 21, can't choose between two things she finds sexiest about her partner.

"I think the sexiest thing physically would be his arms," she tells Elite Daily. "But more than that, I think the way he looks at me [in private] because I know no one else can see that."

She explains that she finds his arms sexiest because they are "just so toned and I've always had a thing for a toned arm."

As for how he looks at her in private?

"The way he looks at me when it’s just us is so special because it’s something no one else will see but me," she says. "There is something very sexy about the mystery and the fact that it’s all mine."

Ilana, 24, finds parts of his personality sexiest, but will admit she's attracted to his muscular physique.

"[I'm] most attracted to his chest and arms," she tells Elite Daily. "He’s like secretly muscular and not, like, too bulky or anything, but just perfect."

She adds, "I’m genuinely most attracted to his ambition, intelligence, and kind soul, but his chest and arms and face help."

Maddie, 24, has to pick two qualities.

"I would say probably [his] smile and butt," she says. "If you look at the Catana Comics on Instagram, they have a lot of inspiration and I feel like my relationship is a lot like that. But yeah, if I had to pick two things that are physical it would be those."

Samantha, 28, appreciates her partner's arms.

She says that she's "a sucker for a guy’s forearms."

"I just really like a good, toned forearm," she tells Elite Daily. "I guess it's like the definition. He isn't super muscular or anything, just [a] typical athletic build, but it's like the perfect forearm dimension (for what I prefer) in a partner."

While I'm the single Pringle in this group of people, I'm 100 percent here for people appreciating their own partners.

*Name has been changed at the source's request for privacy.

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