The Summoning Circle Meme Is Here To Help You Live Your Very Best Life

I don't know about you, but I'm still recovering from the Instagram and Facebook outage that took place earlier this week. Since I couldn't really use either app, I spent a lot more time on Twitter than I normally would. Twitter is always a gold mine of quality content. I recently discovered the summoning circle meme on Twitter and I can't get enough of it. If you're not familiar with it, you're may be wondering, "What is the summoning circle meme?" Some people on Twitter are using it as a way to attract what they want (kinda).

Summoning circles are thought to be a way to help people get what they want. The circles have some ties to spells and magic, but there's no sorcery here. Some Twitter users are having the best time using the spellbinding circle to attract the things they really want the most. Hence the name, summoning circle. Maybe you've seen a tweet or two featuring the meme. The meme typically features a circle made from candlestick emojis, but any topical emoji will do so long as it's in a circle. Inside the center of the circle is a word or phrase of what the person wants the most and includes the phrasing, "Summoning circle, hope this works."

According to, this all started back on Tuesday, Feb. 26, when Twitter user @Mashihology sent out a summoning circle tweet. It didn't gain much traction at first, but now Twitter users are all about it. Some people are tweeting out the summoning circle meme with the intent of trying to attract more mice for their pet cat or sunglasses for a dog. And TBH, same. My dog could totally use a pair of sunglasses right now. Although, other Twitter users are taking a more serious approach to the meme like wishing for a new job or making their student loans disappear.

The meme is really catching on quickly. Major companies like Burger King are getting in on the fun. On Monday, March 11, the fast-food burger joint tweeted, "Hope this works..." with a summoning circle of candlesticks and the word's "April 12th" in the center. Some Twitter users seem to think this is a reference to the BTS comeback. Twitter user @HehereneseeX responded to BK to find out what's happening on April 12. Burger King playful responded, "The day we all discover what's under our mask." Seriously, the whole thread is amazing. If you only look at one summoning circle meme, make it the BK thread.

I haven't sent my own summoning circle tweet just yet. If I do, it will probably have something to do with somehow gaining more hours in the day, needing more sleep, and stumbling across the funds to buy all of the makeup in my Sephora cart. There's a long list of things I need to help me live my best life. For now, I'm going to spend my time scrolling through Twitter, because some of these summoning circle memes are just so relatable for me.