You'll Never Guess What John Paul Jones' Job Is When He's Not On 'Paradise'

ABC/John Fleenor

Each week of Bachelor in Paradise, it feels like there's a new star of the show. First, there Blake Horstmann and his multiple love triangles. Then, there was Demi Burnett and her choice between Derek Peth and Kristian Haggerty. In the Aug. 26 and 27 episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, it was all about John Paul Jones. He got plenty of air time this past week thanks to his dates with multiple women and his pining for Tayshia Adams. But all that time on the show left inquisitive fans wondering one key question: What is John Paul Jones' job? His job title shown on the show doesn't provide fans with any answers.

JPJ is known to all of Bachelor Nation by his full three-name moniker. He first introduced himself to Hannah during her season of The Bachelorette with all three names, and his Instagram account name is his full name twice in a row: @johnpauljonesjohnpauljones. Clearly, JPJ's name is important to him. The Bachelor in Paradise producers also think his name is pretty important, since they made it his job title on the show. The series has given contestants funny job titles before. How could anyone forget the "Chicken Enthusiast" or the "Sloth"? According to the producers, JPJ's job is simply being himself. But when he's not on Bachelor in Paradise, he does do more than just eat chicken nuggets and spread the gospel of his laid-back attitude. I mean, he does do a lot of that, but he also apparently has a job as a financial analyst.

JPJ's official ABC bio does list his job as a financial analyst, and his LinkedIn page says that he works in the Washington D.C. area at a company called 2U. According to their website, 2U is a "digital higher education" platform that's dedicated to "transforming the future of higher education for the better." It seems like JPJ is doing some really important work in his free time when he's not simply being JPJ.

Even though Bachelor in Paradise takes JPJ away from his work, he does seem to enjoy his time on camera. He told Entertainment Tonight, "It's a great side hustle. It's been a lot of fun and the press has all been very positive, so I love it."

One other side gig JPJ probably won't be taking up any time soon is podcasting. In the Aug. 27 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, JPJ duked it out with Derek over Tayshia. Both guys were pursuing her, and JPJ questioned Derek's commitment to her. He also was particularly upset that Derek apparently spent a lot of time talking about his podcast The Betchelor, even daring to invite JPJ to be a guest on it. A lot of former contestants in Bachelor Nation have podcasts, but since JPJ objects to them so much, it looks like he probably won't be one of them.

JPJ may have a job as a financial analyst to go back to once his time on Paradise is over, but he'll always be a professional John Paul Jones to the Bachelor Nation fans who love him.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues on Monday, Sept. 2, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.