Let's Talk About Insight's Rehoboam System On 'Westworld'


Westworld spent two seasons focusing on the Delos corporation as the big evil in the world. The company, started by Robert Ford and Arnold Webber, did not just create android hosts for humans to use and abuse for their pleasure. They also data mined every visitor in the park, in hopes of one day being able to sell a host version of every customer in which to implant themselves and live forever. But Season 3 has introduced a new company, with a terrifying program. Fans are asking, what is Insight's Rehoboam on Westworld?

What fans know for sure is Incite, a rival company to Delos, is Dolores' target now that she's out in the real world. Her visit with Jerry was to get stolen proprietary data on the project he had squirreled away. Her next move was to get close to Liam Dempsey Jr., the current Incite CEO. Liam's father, Dempsey Sr., was the genius behind the Incite program, Rehoboam, created in conjunction with his partner, Serac. When he passed away, Liam Jr. took over.

The show has so far hinted Rehoboam works based on algorithms. Caleb mentions in passing to Francis the world now runs the way the army did — everything is based on algorithmic data. When Dolores shows up for her date with Liam Jr., it's at a banquet where he's being feted for "saving the world through algorithms."

But none of this explains what that means. Viewers know Netflix works on algorithms; it's how it helps you pick movies and TV series. Does Rehoboam help you choose... everything?

If the Westworld "Date Announce" trailer is anything to go by, it might be what helps the world choose peace. But viewers know better than to believe rosy scenarios. Also, the name of the program may be a significant hint. Rehoboam was the name of the first king of Judah, the son of Solomon. King Solomon was known for his wise years as ruler, and his ability to bring people together in peace. Rehoboam, on the other hand, ruled during a time of rebellion, when ten northern tribes of Israel broke away.

Note at the 50-second mark in the above video, Rehoboam's system (initiated on 4.17.39) was originally the "Solomon Build." So was this program initially created to be the wise ruler that brought the world together, only to give way to the next generation that splits it apart?

The problem with this theory is Liam Jr., the next generation, doesn't know anything about how Rehoboam works. When his father died, he was locked out of the system by Serac.

But Liam Jr. does know one thing about Rehoboam: It terrifies him. When Dolores starts pushing for answers, Liam refuses to say anything, not even Serac's name.

Instead, he makes a shocking claim:

If I were going to tell you, he'd know already. Rehoboam would tell him, and I'd already be dead, just like my dad.

Liam admits he believes Serac killed his father because of something Rehoboam's algorithms told him. So is Rehoboam working for the good of humanity? Or is it working for the good of itself and Serac?

How long until Liam Jr. winds up dead too? It seems Dolores has finally met a program as deadly as she is.