What Is Giannina's real job?

'Love Is Blind' Fans Are Still Confused Over What Giannina's Real Job Is


Love is Blind was a four-week whirlwind social experiment in which singles got engaged before seeing each other, and then got married soon after (well, some of them, at least). While the resounding response to the show is, "I couldn't do that," because it seems so wild, others are totally fine with the concept, but realize they'd never be able to copy it because they simply wouldn't be able to take off work for an entire month. Luckily, Giannina's real job outside the pods allowed her some serious flexibility to find love in this unconventional way.

It's difficult to pin down exactly what Giannina does. In her Instagram bio she describes herself as a "soulpreneur," which doesn't really say much. On Love Is Blind, she's credited as a "small business owner," which offers a bit more clarity, and in interviews she has clarified her title as a "retail business owner." But beyond that, fans still have questions.

Luckily, Giannina's LinkedIn provides a bit more detail about her work history. Her header titles her as a "social media specialist" and her most recent job history lists her as a freelance consultant for a company called Trending LLC, a position that apparently ended in October 2019. Her LinkedIn also features a link to her digital media portfolio, which includes her resume, work samples, and writing clips.

Considering her profile indicates she's consistently held consultant, manager, and coordinator jobs for years, it would appear Giannina's business touted by Love Is Blind might have been more of a side hustle.

Giannina gave more of an update on her work life in a recent interview with Esquire. When asked about what she's been up to since filming, she said: "I was working so, so much as a retail business owner, and I stopped doing that the beginning of last year and I went through quite a few career changes. But it was amazing because I was able to take time off and recollect and do so much soul-searching. I dabbled in being creative again, which makes me the happiest."

One needs not look further than Gigi's Instagram to know she's definitely been creative. Her feed is updated pretty much daily (at least), with Instagram model-style shots featuring cool locales and enviable 'fits, usually accompanied by captions that are either witty or inspirational. It's unclear what else Giannina is up to these days, but it it seems "soulpreneur" really is the most accurate title for her.