What Is Gabi Butler Doing After 'Cheer'? Navarro's Cheer-lebrity Is Keeping Busy


Netflix's latest docu-series Cheer has made celebrities out of the Navarro College cheerleaders. But there's one member of the squad who was already a star in her own right even before making her Netflix debut. Now, after Cheer, Gabi Butler is maintaining her cheer-lebrity status, and is even pushing it to new heights.

Throughout the six episodes of Cheer, audiences got to know Butler and her super-involved family. Her dad booked appearances for her while her mom showed off all her magazine photo spreads, all the while Butler continued to train with her fellow Navarro cheerleaders. But even while Butler was preparing for the National Championship with her squad, she also was doing late-night photo shoots and working on her personal brand. Some fans were critical of Butler's parents' involvement in her career, but she recently made it clear on Twitter that she appreciates their support. She wrote in a statement:

I want to clear something up. My parents are amazing and have always been there for me. Every time I have made money from cheer opportunities it has gone into my own account. My father already runs several successful businesses and has showed [sic] me how to create my own. They push me to be my best and I am more thankful than ever for their love and support. They have helped shape me into the person, athlete and coach I am today. So please stop with the negativity towards them. They are my biggest support system and have helped me to be on top of my game.

After the winning season depicted in Cheer, Butler originally decided not to return to Navarro College in 2020, instead cheering for Top Gun 005 in Florida. However, on Feb. 6, she announced on Instagram she returned to Navarro for her third and final year.

Butler also posts modeling shots on her Instagram, which now has more than 1 million followers, and she recently relaunched her super-popular YouTube Channel with a video showcasing behind-the-scenes footage from Navarro's trip to Daytona.

Cheer is available to watch on Netflix now.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on Feb. 10 to reflect Butler's decision to rejoin the Navarro College cheer team for 2020.

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