What Is Dale Moss' Real Job? The 'Bachelorette' Star Is A Multi-Hyphenate

Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette has already proven to be unlike any other. According to multiple reports, the 39-year-old quit the show mid-season after falling in love with a contestant. While there's so much left up to speculation at the moment, there are a few cold, hard facts about Crawley's maybe-partner (and possible fiancé) you'll definitely want to know. So, what is Dale Moss's real job, and how does he fit into the life of the Bachelorette? It turns out, they might be a perfect match.

While a lot of what's circling could rumors — like the fact Crawley and Moss were possibly talking prior to the start of filming — there are some truths out there for fans to learn, especially about Moss. It turns out, there's plenty to get to know about the 31-year-old.

The South Dakota native has been in the spotlight for a while, thanks in part to his athletic prowess. Moss played college basketball for San Diego State University before switching over to the football team senior year. Due to his skill as a wide receiver, he was noticed by the NFL and in 2012 was signed onto the Green Bay Packers as a free agent. For the next two years, he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chicago Bears, and the Carolina Panthers.

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After his career as a professional football player, Moss decided to peruse modeling with Wilhelmina Models, work as an entertainment host, participate in philanthropy events, and act as a global ambassador for the Special Olympics.

“I’ve had the privilege of being featured in global campaigns with top brands in fitness, fashion and lifestyle and I’m only getting started ... Beyond being featured in some of the industry’s top fashion, fitness, lifestyle publications I’ve expanded my reach by executive producing and providing creative direction to global brands," Moss' website bio reads. "I continue to advocate for youth development, inclusive initiatives and diversity to athletes with intellectual disabilities."

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Crawley, for her part is also super interested in fitness. Her Instagram bio states she is a "Soil + Sun loving health enthusiast," and made of her photos feature her on hikes, participated in water sports, or wearing athletic clothes. While it's still not confirmed Crawley and Moss are together, it sounds like they could be meant to be.